1080p Limbo Hits PS4

Playdead's creepy puzzle-platformer officially arrives on PlayStation 4; get it today for $10.

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Following the discovery of a ratings listing for a PlayStation 4 edition of puzzle-platformer Limbo, developer Playdead officially released the game on Sony's new console Wednesday. You can buy it now for $10.

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Limbo is now available across numerous platforms, including Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, PS Vita, as well as iOS and Android. According to the game's product page, the PS4 edition of Limbo outputs in 1080p, just like the Xbox One version.

Originally released in summer 2010, Limbo is a dark sidescrolling game that follows a young boy searching for his lost sister. The game, presented in black-and-white, is stuffed with puzzles and all manner of creepy creatures.

Playdead's current project is 2015's intriguing-looking title, Inside, which was announced during E3 2014. For more on Limbo, check out the images below.

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