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E3 2014: Limbo Developer Shows Off Its Next Game, Inside

Inside continues right where Limbo left off with another desolate platformer.

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PlayDead certainly has an incredible vision. The team behind Limbo has another adventure coming out, and it looks to carry the themes of desolation and despair that made its first game so good. Inside places you in a world in which the citizens are controlled automatons. And you play as a young boy who still has his mind. The core action looks similar to what Limbo offered, though more complex than the pushing and jumping you were limited to there.

Now there's stealth as well. You can dash between searchlights to keep from being spotted or walk in line with other people who are blindly goose-stepping through rooms. The fidelity of the animations made the boy seem lifelike, and the city it took place in was like an Orwellian nightmare. Inside debuts on the Xbox One early next year.

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