100 Bullets Update

We get a quick look at a more complete build of the shooter based on the dark comic series.


We've previously taken a look at 100 Bullets, Acclaim's upcoming third-person shooter based on Brian Azzarello's gritty comic book series, and recently we got to see a quick demo of an updated version of the game in action. This demo was composed of the same two levels that we've seen before--one starring Cole Burns in a fight against street punks and the other starring Snow Falls in an escape attempt from a besieged estate. 100 Bullets is looking progressively more polished each time we see it. This time, the levels seem to have gotten some additional attention from the artists, because things generally looked more detailed than they previously did.

At E3 this year, Acclaim revealed a new mechanic in 100 Bullets in the form of a rage meter that builds up as you play. At the time, you could hit a button when your rage meter was filled to automatically dispatch every enemy in the vicinity with a hail of bullets. This rage move has since undergone some changes, because the team wants to make the special move a bit more interactive than simply requiring a single button press. Now, when you activate your rage move, the game will pause to let you move the camera around to essentially "paint" the targets you want to fire at. You'll drag the targeting reticle over the enemies you want to shoot, and when you initiate an attack, your character will quickly shoot all of the targets you selected. Acclaim says this system is still being further refined to make it as player-friendly and fun as possible.

Based on the updated builds we've seen, 100 Bullets continues to improve. As a result, we'll be interested in seeing how it ends up when its October release date rolls around. We'll be back with more on the game in the coming months.

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