1,000 devs signed up to make games for PlayStation platforms

200 developers licensed since PS4 reveal in February 2013.

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1,000 developers are now licensed globally to self-publish on PlayStation platforms, Sony has announced.

200 of those developers were licensed in North America since the PlayStation 4 was first unveiled in February 2013.

Self-publishing allows small developers to sell their games on the PlayStation store alongside games from the biggest companies. Writing on its official blog, PlayStation’s Vice President, Developer and Publisher Relations Adam Boyes said that’s how games like Don’t Starve and Outlast found their way to PlayStation platforms. Other self-published games coming to PlayStation this year include Rogue Legacy, N++, and The Witness.

Yesterday, Sony published a master list of more than 100 PS4 games that will be available on the platform by the end of the year, many of which are self-published.

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