A great distraction thats fun to share with others(that may have little interest in games)

User Rating: 7.5 | Egokoro Kyoushitsu DS DS
Played though it with out using the DSi added content. I recommend playing on a DSlite till your con-pleat all the lessons. it aloud me to learn more of the final techniques first before farting around with the features, added content, and the many side lessons.
Your teacher in the tutorials was done well for +9 and up English reading.
If your looking at a gift for family or friend that has an hour or so a day of spear time (or is laid up in bead) and wants something constructive on the DS, For $20 @ K-mart -Then this should be on your top 5.
7.5 on DSlite -if you have taken an interest in Art before, and your looking for something that could be cool. Then this is definitely cool.
9.0 on DS-XL - "to be added later."
This is a Grrreat Art program. in-depth alot of fun to play with and shear with others.