All you need to create an colorful masterpiece is in this Nintendo DS game card.

User Rating: 8 | Egokoro Kyoushitsu DS DS
Art Academy for the Nintendo DS handheld is all the expensive art materials and a large amount of paper packed into one game card.

This title provides 10 art lessons for you to do. These lessons are step by step and full of details that show you the basics of Art. If you had an art class in school, a few of them might seem familiar to you. The 10 lessons include how to bring depth and form to your artwork as well as other basics. Art Academy allows you have an image on the top screen of the system to start from in the Free Paint mode. You can choose a photograph from the Image Library that has images of animals, landscapes, fruit, and many more or if you own a Nintendo DSi system, you can use an image that you have taken.

There are quite a few art materials to choose from in this title. There are three different types of pencils that determines the how dark the line is and paints from the whole color wheel and allowing you to mix colors to your taste.

Art Academy has quite a few features to make your artwork as perfect as possible. These features include the grid bars that show on your top screen image and your piece below making it easier to get your work very similar to the original. This title also allows you to change your top screen image to black and white along with other options that makes it simple to shade your work. There is a Art Gallery of all of your artwork that you saved in it as well as has a wide a variety of frames to place your piece in.

Controls for Art Academy are rather simple. Just use the stylus as it was a pencil or paint brush to create your piece.

This title as a rather high amount of replay value due to the fact you can save your artwork and come back to it anytime without a bend or crease on the paper.

The Positives and Negatives of Art Academy
+ Lessons are full of detail.
+ Able to save your work and go back to it anytime.
- A Small space to work on.

Art Academy is must own title for every artist that own a Nintendo DS system due to that everything you need is on one game card along with you can save your art work and come back to it anytime as mentioned before.

I gave this Nintendo DS title a solid eight.