Call me biased, but I just love Armored Core! Armored Core Nexus has brought about new innovative changes in the series.

User Rating: 10 | Armored Core: Nexus PS2
Fans of the Armored Core Series won't be disappointed with this! Being more mission oriented than the usual arena fights, new armored core players might find this a bit frustrating to play. Nexus features a new control system quite different to the one all AC players are familiar with, although the game still gives you the option of using the old control setup. Despite this change, AC Nexus still delivers when it comes to stunning graphics, jaw-dropping, fast-paced action, and innovative gameplay. It also has a good replay value courtesy of its two discs worth of missions. (Some missions can only be unlocked if certain conditions are met like failing a particular mission.) Overall, Nexus still gives veteran AC fans their money's worth. Novice Armored Core players - Beware! ^_^