A "stand-alone expansion pack" with less content than most DLC's.

User Rating: 2.5 | Arcania: Fall of Setarrif PC
Thankfully, the short time required to beat this means that you can go back to better games soon enough.

So everyone who played Arcania knows it was pretty much... well crap. Even though I actually managed to squeeze out quite of bit of fun of it's simple mechanics, because the world was at least pretty to walk around in. Well, not so much Fall of Setariff. The game is 2-3 hours long, consists of about one corridor to move through, 2-3 short side quests, awful story, awful dialogue, awful voice acting and stiff animation. Oh, and the combat consists of spam LB until everything dies, no skill or tactics required.

Unless you played the original Arcania you won't understand anything that's going on either. I played through it, and I still didn't get quite what was going on. Something about an arch deamon you banished in the main game returning 5 min after you killed it to destroy the town next to the one you just saved or something like that.

To summarize, here are the game's official features:

- 10+ hours of new compelling game play (more like 2-3 hours of boredom)

- Experience and fight as each of your famous allies, utilising their unique skillset (take control of 2 NPC's for 5 min each, pressing LB until everything dies. You cannot even open their inventory)

- Discover new environments such as jungles, the volcanic mountains, Setarrif & the coastal regions (all of these were in the original game, except that Setariff is now completely destroyed only to become the game world's most boring ruin)

- Import your character from ArcaniA – Gothic 4 or choose a predefined archetype (import your fully levelled character, or start the game with an identical new one because of the almost non-existing RPG options)

- Standalone Add-On (which continues right after the main story, leaving you completely in the dark as to what the hell you are actually doing unless you played the main game)

So, in short: don't bother with this. It not for either Gothic fans nor Arcania fans. It works wonders if you feel like complaining though.