Animal Crossing: New Horizons have something for everyone both new comers and fans alike

User Rating: 9 | Animal Crossing: New Horizons NS

I couldn't even tell you how many hours I poured into Animal Crossing: New Leaf back in 2013 trying to make the perfect town and home on my 3DS. It still holds up for a 3DS game alone and also the series as well is one of those games that anyone can jump into if you are taking a break from gaming in general or even if you're a casual gamer there's still something to enjoy when it comes to Animal Crossing.

There has always been an Animal Crossing game on past Nintendo platforms from the GameCube to the DS many fans knew that it would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch and we got Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With the console's clock and calendar, allowing the game to be played in real-time as you start up the game and create your own person; you get the option to choose which part of the Hemisphere you want to live in from either the North or South including different seasons if you want to mix the game up with something new instead of sticking with the current time zone you are living in. Then you are flying off in a plane to your new island where you'll be tasked to pitch your new tent and you'll be asked to become the leader of your island including a name.

Just like the past Animal Crossing games you'll be exploring more of the island, chatting to the residents on your island, catching bugs, fish and fossils. There are some new elements added into New Horizons as you explore the island you'll be needing certain tools to reach places like a ladder to climb the highest peek or using a pole to get across the river. You'll have to make your own tools, items and essentials for your own home and making your perfect island; there are DIY recipes which you'll be seeing a lot either washed up along the beach or given a recipe from one of the residents it'll give you a little list of what materials you'll need to make it. An example can be five branches to make a flimsy fishing rod or a net or five hardwood for a flimsy shovel, the more items you collect on your island from wood, stones to iron nuggets you'll craft more stronger tools. It's also the same with household items as well you can make simple stuff like a bed, table or even junk items into plants or clothing.

The more time and tasks you'll be asked to do at the beginning you'll get more residents, bigger shops and the museum after collecting a number of bugs, fish and fossils. Nintendo has already added more new update content including online patches, Redd and there was an event called Nature Day that were all added. Other than collecting bells, items and paying off the mortgage on your home; another new feature that was added in is Nook Miles s a rewards program where you earn Miles by completing challenges that appear on the app, these can be simple tasks like water five plants, chatting to three of the residents on your island to catching a fish or playing the game each day you'll earn more Nook Mile points which can be exchanged for certain items, DIY recipes to a Mile Ticket to a Mystery Island which you can visit.

For an Animal Crossing game on the Nintendo Switch the graphics and visuals look stunning from the sounds of the waters on your island to strong wind breezing on both flowers and trees to detail on making your perfect home there is just some special about the Animal Crossing franchise seeing how far the series has come. It might be a life simulation game for many the strongest points about it is the online multiplayer where you can visit other people's island either someone from your friends list or using Dodo Code after the release of New Horizon many gamers have been trying to get the perfect island for their own game and when you do visit one of your friend's island and if they have sunk in a ton of hours and time making the perfect island you just want to give them a round of applause. Same goes with clothing you can look up certain creators online which many have made clothing from other franchises or even custom designs which you can pick and add them to your own custom list.

Amiibo support is compatible if you have any Animal Crossing Amiibo cards you can have them visit your island or fly over to Harvey's Island and taking photos of your favourite Animal Crossing characters. If you own a Nintendo Switch and enjoy the Animal Crossing franchise you will get a lot out of New Horizons depending on how much time you sink in. As each day goes by there is always something new or exciting to see if you are either a hardcore gamer or even a casual gamer.