Just days before it was due to commence, retailer GameStop has delayed the wide launch of its unlimited secondhand game rental program, PowerPass. In a statement provided to GameSpot, the retailer said it decided to "temporarily pause" the launch of the subscription service due to "a few program limitations" that GameStop discovered.

Kotaku, which first reported the news, heard from store employees that GameStop's computers were not capable of processing the data required for PowerPass. The service soft-launched this week, so that could be where the issues were discovered. Management reportedly informed staff to remove PowerPass signage as well.

PowerPass was announced at the end of October and was due to launch in full on November 19. For $60, you can pick up any pre-owned game and return to the store to swap it out for a new one as often as you like for a period of six months. At the end, you can choose any game to keep.

If you already signed up for PowerPass, you can bring back your game and get your $60 refunded. Additionally, GameStop is letting PowerPass subscribers pick up any pre-owned game for free, which is a pretty solid move on the store's part to make up for it.

There is no word as of yet regarding when PowerPass will return or what changes might be in place based on the "program limitations" that GameStop encountered. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest.

With the ever-increasing rise in digital gaming, GameStop's PowerPass program could be an important pillar of the store's business. With enough adoption, it could help spur foot traffic, which could result in extra purchases while shoppers are there. GameStop will report earnings next on Tuesday, November 21, so check back soon for more on the company's business performance and outlook.