In 2018, Alicia Vikander became the second actor to take up the mantle of Lara Croft in a reboot of the Tomb Raider film franchise, and since then news of a sequel has been swirling. Most recently, Lovecraft Country showrunner Misha Green was tapped to both write and direct.

However, thanks to the delays of the pandemic causing chaos in the entertainment industry, Vikander has yet to see a script. During a conversation with GameSpot about her upcoming film, The Green Knight, Vikander opened up about the status of the project.

"I would love to return to Lara again. After this last year, you know, everything had to be put on hold. But now that the world is starting to get up and running again, I know that Misha [Green] has just started and there will be a script coming in at some point. I'm really looking forward to reading it."

The road to production for Tomb Raider 2 has been a long one. Prior to Green's attachment to the project, writer Amy Jump had been tapped to pen the sequel alongside director Ben Wheatley with a tentative release date of spring 2021. However, after the pandemic put a near industry-wide halt on filming, things were once again forced back up in the air. Green was signed on to replace both Jump and Wheatley in January of 2021.

Green has since tweeted that drafts of the script are in progress under the working title Tomb Raider: Obsidian.

With any luck, a future draft of the script will end up in Vikander's hands.

Vikander's latest project, The Green Knight, is an action-adventure film examining the medieval poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, where she plays not one but two roles beside her co-star Dev Patel. The movie finally hits theaters after a year-long delay on July 30.