More of an interactive story than a true game. Fun but not as enjoyable as the first.

User Rating: 7 | Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs PC

I'm a big fan of the survival-horror genre. Through the years there have been plenty of games that strive to harness one's emotions and provide a different type of tension found in most games. When the original Amnesia first came out I was quite excited and thoroughly enjoyed it. I looked forward to this one and tried to avoid all knowledge of the game other than its existence to maximize the impact.

Unfortunately, this episode just isn't all it could have been. First, it's not scary at all. Second, it feels like it was trying to mimic some of the original story from Bioshock albeit in a much less effective way. The idea of a maniacal madmen fraught on saving the world through his own evil means has been overdone to the point of cliche at this point. Unfortunately, things ended a bit too anti-climactically. Not once did I ever feel in danger, anxious, etc.

A lot of the trouble with this game, if you can call it that, as that it is more just an interactive story. It is incredibly linear, no puzzles to solve, and the enemies were simply too easy to get away from. Honestly, I expected a lot more but feel slighted by this one.

At nearly every level this game is simply average and that's about it. Graphically, gameplay wise, puzzles, story, etc. All were incredibly average. I'm still glad I went through it though it is also very short and can easily be played in one sitting.

Here's hoping a better entry will be provided if they make another one.