A machine for pigs lacks some of the great elements of the original, but makes up with an excellent story.

User Rating: 8 | Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs PC
A machine for pigs doesn't exactly follow the same footsteps as The Dark Descent did all around but manages to accomplish the same eerie feel and with eerie environments and a great story nonetheless.

The gameplay mechanics are simplified from the first game, there is no longer sanity, inventory, health or lantern. Your health is roughly 3 or 4 hits and you die. There is only your journal and a light to help you light dark areas, that conveniently always seems to fail when there are monsters around. You still pick up and move objects as they are required to solve puzzles.

The game's environments and effects were very well done which add to the very spooky atmosphere of the game.

The story was excellent easily the most engaging part of the entire game. The narratives meshed well with the entire experience.

It's an injustice many critics would rate this so poorly, probably saw it wasn't quite like the first one and carelessly critiqued it, like a bunch of pigs.