Creative and just pure classic!

User Rating: 9.5 | American McGee's Alice PC
When i was like 10 i tried this game out, i got too scared to play after 10 minutes and turned it off, then i remembered this game now when i was 17 and wanted to grab it and play it again, but i forgot about it, as i overheard my friends talking they said something about a new Alice game and this game popped in my mind again, i ended up getting it and have my friends play it and we all love this game

What this game has to offer is pretty straightforward and obvious right from the start, theres no lengthy tutorial or tutorial at all its just "take it and play it!" i've played through about half of it by now, its a long game the game was made in 2000 but its graphics are so creative that even today they look pretty damn decent.

This isn't a combat oriented game so the combat system is pretty much as basic as possible, but theres a lot of jumping around and dodging enemy attacks.

The Good:
Simple and easy to play
Attractive and creative graphics
Creative storyline
Creative puzzles
Awesome characters, (gotta love the Cheshire Cat)
Overall its just.. great really, theres not much bad about it else than what i state in the bad.

The Bad:
No autosave except between chapters and levels.
Few minor glitches where u can get stuck
The combat can sometimes get repetitive (i remember in the clockwork levels there were some robots who took all day to die, and wraiths which you encounter early in the game which scream at you.)