This game was looking so promising and all. After playing through the 1st minute I assumed the developers where drunk.

User Rating: 7 | Alone in the Dark PS2
The menu loads up, and it looks brilliant.. then you press the X button on the chapters screen and you discover that you can go to the final chapter!? What the hell where the developers doing at the moment of the release?

Anyway, as the game opens it looks really good.. blinking the eyes and all(wtf?) 1st thing I noticed when the scene opened was the textures.. PS2 can withstand more graphics, other then that crap they put as textures on the characters faces..

I feel disappointed at this game.. even the physics engine is totally messed up and the dialog is so frustrating..

Well at least for all those survival horror fans out there I suppose it's worth a try hence there are not much similar games on the PS2 anymore.. but don't get me wrong this one would have been good, but they seemed to have given up at the last moment.