Don't even think of playing this Game because it's a big FAILURE ..

User Rating: 3 | Alone in the Dark PS2
Alone in the dark maybe the worst game in PS2 history .. I wonder why they call it horror game ?! there's nothing scary in this game even the monsters they look very dumb and fighting them so much boring .. I played this game till I reached maybe episode 7 - I couldn't even stand finish it - there's no storyline maybe I didn't get it but I doubt if there's one ..

Edward Carnby what a poor man Atari ruined this character they made him runs like retard and looks like freak and that all because of that lame graphics they made .. It's 2008 how they release such a game it was really a shock when they didn't use the PS2 powers !!

But to be fair the sounds good and some of the ideas even if they didn't apply it in the perfect way ..

I really wish they canceled this game and didn't release it ..