If control issues were fixed this would have been a perfect game.

User Rating: 8 | Alone in the Dark PS3
First off i bought this game for $8 used at a gamestop and honestly picked it for a easy platinum. I figured i was getting into a bad game and would have to force myself to play it through. I was very wrong.

Gameplay : 8.0
The gameplay is fun, challenging, and sometimes frustrating. The controls on your attacks seem to never land the way you want them too. Although it plays out nicely and the jumps, ledges, dodging fallout objects play out nicely. I was a big fan of 59th Street. The inventory with the coat pockets seems like a great idea, but he needs a bigger coat. The spraying your wounds seemed a little pointless as it was really hard to die anyways no matter how much damage you took.

Graphics : 8.5
The game has very detailed graphics. The fire ignites beautifully and doesn't feel like a 3 frame picture making rotations like on someone's avatar. The areas are vast and do not feel like your seeing a copy and paste job. The views can be very nice especially when the camera goes far out to show you what is coming.

Sound : 7.5
The sound is decent. The voice acting is amazing if you like to hear a lot of panic and cussing. Never do the characters feel monotone except when they want you to do something they constantly repeat the hint. The noises on the other hand are not that great. The creatures make the same sounds over and over and this will make your ears bleed.

Story : 9.0
I loved the story. It felt like a movie i would have went to go see in theaters. It does drag just a little since your left hanging on the entire story till the very end, but it holds it together with a great start of amnesia as you find your way to who you truly are.

Replay Value : 7.0
If your looking for a easy platinum this is the game but don't expect much out of it once you beat it. I only returned to previous levels to do trophy hunts. Its definitely a rental back in the day but now for $8-$12 bucks this is a keeper for your collection.