Should have learnt my lesson the first time

User Rating: 7.5 | Age of Empires: Mythologies DS
The game was all right. The problem was that, what is the point. THe game in general makes little to no scence. It was rather dull. THE computer cheats a whole lot making it just evil. I played the age of Kings for my DS. That was good. I find that they should more often than no stop while they are ahead. There are only two types of games that should be continued. Ones that can be made into something new all together, or games that are still good, they just need a face lift. An example of the first, ledgend of zelda. Example of the other, Doom. This game was neither. O.K. where was I oh yes reason why I hate this game. I is a low end game. It has some bugs that are needed to work out. They could have spent another month or two working it out. An example is when the enemy computer moves their people more than once. pain in the neck. Anothe is less obvious. Did you notice no mater how many turns that went by with little food or gold comming in that they could keep making more and more high powered troops. To be noticed i found it odd, but did not pay attention to it until I read one of the guides on this sight. (Yes I am that bad a games). Overall. do not buy this game even if you have money to spend. You do not get your monies worth, and I do not care what others say. This game needs work. I should not have bought it. The only reason, I am a sucker for mythology. But some people like the game, so rent it first, do not buy it right away, or look in the clearence bin very soon. (either way)