Though it sounds impossible, you can make a great strategy game on the DS!

User Rating: 9.5 | Age of Empires: Mythologies DS
When you think of strategy, you can't help but admit that an image of a PC appears in your head. The greatest strategy games of the past were on PC. But get ready to change your perspective when you play Age of empires mythologies! This game centers around 3 races. Greek, Norce, and Egyptian. Each race has three major gods to choose from, and when you have gained enough supplies, you can "age up". Or in other words, get new powers, units, and mythological creatures by worshipping a new minor god. You also choose a hero to start off with. The great thing is you get points to spend on new maps, heroes, gods, and relics (objects to pick up in-game that improve your stats.) The game is turn based, which is better suited for a handheld. And there's an interesting rock paper scissors concept for fighting. Certain units are better then others. There's classes and then there's types. The types are infantry, mythological, and hero. Infantry beats heroes, heroes beat mythological, and mythological beat infantry. Of course, there's also the classes of Light, heavy, calvary, siege, or archer. The awesome part of this package is the INCREDIBLE amount of content. There's single card, multi card, online, and hot seat multiplayer. As well as campaign, skirmish, tutorial, and scenario modes. There's awards for certain acheivements, and a store for buying new stuff.
If you like strategy games, and own a DS, GO GET THIS NOW!

Crazy amount of modes, every type of multiplayer, cool mythological beasts, good battle system, good amount of strategy for a turn based game, great graphics.

Campaign gets tough