The granddaddy of all adventure games.

User Rating: 10 | Adventure 2600
This is it, everybody. If you are a fan of the adventure genre of video games, obtaining this game somehow is an absolute must. I think it is probably available on the plug & play 2600 retro clone thing that is out now. And with that, you can play a bunch of other 2600 games. It's a good way to relive those old memories of early video gaming, for those of us old enough. And for those younger gamers, the 2600 games are like a history lesson. A very entertaining history lesson. The simply named 'Adventure' really was a breakthrough. You weren't just shooting other tanks, or aliens that were all right there in front of you. You had to explore, get keys, unlock doors, fight dragons, etc.. All the stuff that you still have to do, but in a much simpler way. This really was a breakthrough video game that everyone should at least try.