Advance Wars has done it again, with its fantastic gameplay and new unlockables, it's one game DS owners should own

User Rating: 9 | Advance Wars: Dual Strike DS
Advance Wars Dual Strike is a nearly perfect game. It has plently of characters and unlockables and a compelling story that you can easily get into. There are many things that Advance Wars improved on when making Dual Strike. The best thing is probably The Map Maker option. You can make your own map, then, you can battle on it with the many characters that are provided. The graphics are pretty cool, yet lack a little bit of 3D. The gameplay hasn't changed much, but the cool thing is that you can use the touch screen to move the guys around. Music... Awesome! :) Although you really don't pay attention to it that much, (at least I didn't until I did for this review!) Overall, the game succeeds in making another memorable DS game, which is the best in the series. With games like this, who needs a PSP? A must buy for all DS owners, even if they haven't played the previous games in the series.