Ok this game is an amazing game buy it but don't expect it to blow you away its amazing but not kill for classic game

User Rating: 9 | Advance Wars: Days of Ruin DS
this game is one of the best and only strategy games i've played

i rate my games by.....

series (if its a sequel)

this is an amazing game as i said not to kill for but really good

in the genre section this is one of the best strategy games probably ever.why? well if its not the idea that war is a bit more serious and 2 because this game can utterly stun you in its plot. the idea of this strategy games is fa nominal but the one thing that kills it is it can get boring or you get stuck in the same area (like 14). if you are on a road trip this is for you; that you well need weather its playing against all odds and barely managing to come through in the fight for liberty and stop tyranny.or you are going all out and facing some crazeed freak who think s he/she can beat you.and finally thank you intelligent systems for making this game more serious with swearing and better more war like theme not happy go lucky.

the thing that is expert in this is not the game it self but the music
omfg this game saved me so many times cuz i am in a class where kids are insain and this game has music where you just feel so alive...

rpg score

series wise this game is original this was the first rpg and even if I'm wrong i have not played the other game(s)
series ?.?/10.0

overall the idea of tilt is spot on, music max points, if graphics could be boosted any more i would do so, game play is amazing, and value well its spot on, but the difficulty is defiantly high too high, and scenes are kind of boring maybe turn it into movie clips rather than stationed clips.