An easy game to pick up on and a great game to add to anyone's collection

User Rating: 8.5 | Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception PSP
While I haven't religiously played the Ace Combat series, I have ventured into several titles, my favorite before this being Ace Combat 2, and I have to say that it's a nice deviation from the RPG's that I usually find myself playing. As with most PSP games, it's not a long winded title and I found myself beating the main game in hard mode in just under a few hours with only a few retries. A hard game it is not. What it is though, is fun. I couldn't help but be excited when I first pulled my Apalis from and almost straight descent towards the ground or made my F-22 Raptor shoot straight up into the air at full throttle until I could twist around seek out and gun down my targets. It's ultimate aerial freedom! In some missions, you will be offered the chance to land/takeoff or refuel in midair, which can skipped, though I suggest trying each one at least once. After finishing the game, you can go back and unlock more planes, colors and upgrades to the planes you have to be able to use them in free missions just for kicks or to go through and beat the game again. One weak point it may have, aside from it's length, is the story behind the missions. It is solid, but I ended up skipping through the cutscenes my first time through to get to the game play and as an old school RPG player, it feels kinda cheap to do that. Honestly though, if I want a good story, I think I have some RPG's that I can break out because this game is just to fun to pass up! It does offer some multi-player content/options, but unfortunately I don't get to utilize it very often so I can't comment on that function. All in all, if you are looking for a new game to play, Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception is a game I could easily recommend to add to your collection!