Big fan of the nostalgia and the cell shading, the non-stop bombardment of hints not so much..…

User Rating: 7.5 | A Boy and His Blob WII
I was a huge fan of this title when I was a kid, and now that I have a two year old at home and a Wii to boot I wanted to share this title with my son and hope that he sees the same type of good natured fun that I did way back when. Of course he is way too young to actually play the game, but he is aware enough to request me to "hug" Blobert from time to time.

The game is pretty, really pretty. I honestly think that the majority of titles on the Wii would be best served if they stuck to the cell shaded approach since there seem to be no plans to move the console to an HD format. The game seems to have a decent length, I like the music and the extras you unlock for finding all of the treasure on the level.

The major problems I have though is the endless string of broadcast hints completely eliminates the trial and error nature of learning what jelly beans to what to Blob and how best to use them to solve the challenges in the game. I get it, younger kids would need that, but honestly how many younger kids are going to know about this game and actually want it?

The game needed a difficulty setting or at least an option to turn off the hints. I also miss not having the full use of all the jelly beans at all times. The title reverted from the original's fairly non-linear format and forces you to only think about solving the puzzles how the programmers want you too. I miss the freedom to make mistakes with the bean selection and just the overall fun aspect of tolling around with Blob in blowtorch form just because.

It still is pretty though, if you were a fan of the original title it is worth a look at Game Stop, but I would not recommend paying full price. It is a good title to share with a child though, so parents out there keep that in mind.