9Dragons... One of the better kung-fu MMORPGs?

User Rating: 9.5 | 9Dragons (2007) PC
When I first saw this game, I thought, "Man, I'd never play this...", but then I got bored one day and decided to download it and try it out.
The graphics are pretty good, Double exp 2 hours ever fri-sun, good combat system. A ton of skills.
Good classes.(Tanker type, Nuker, Buffer/Healer, and Hybrid.)
Six currently released clans, 3 more to come out...3 more advanced clans that is...
Leveling is easy the first 13-20 levels, but then it kind of get hard. I have a level 44 character, he takes around an hour to get to 25% exp.
Gms and VGMs are very helpful, great community, pretty much half the people you ask to party with and share exp, will say yes.
Three servers, Bardo, Asura, and Nirvana, I have NEVER seen them full.
Hero Bands and Hero Leagues are like clans within a clan. Basically, just a group of people with a name like "Hero Band/Hero League: ________" floating above their heads.
I could go on, but there is so much stuff, it'll take me a week to write.
Overall great game, I recommend it to anyone you like ancient Chinese martial arts.