It seems simple because it is

User Rating: 8 | 1080: Avalanche GC
Many may call this snowboard racer shallow and, though it is a simple concept, it is very enjoyable for all types of people. Whether your the competitive type who wants to leave three friends in the dust, a high score setting, trick mastering genius or someone who just wants to laugh while crushing penguins under your boots, 1080 Avalanche has a game type for you. In the single player campaign you race other riders down progressively steeper and intricate slopes while unlocking those maps for use in multiplayer. There is also slalom boarding, time trials, trick runs and big air competitions. The many goodies unlocked by completing these challenges make the work put into memorizing slopes all worth it. Beware this game gets stale if you only play by yourself and is best when played in the company of good friends. This is where the game shines brightest. The playable slopes are few but memorable and declaring yourself champion of the mountain after a night of playing with good friends is extremely satisfying. You can use all of your unlockables from the single player too, which is fun when challenging your buddies to a race on penguins. All in all this game is definitely worth getting if you can find it for cheap. And I'm sure you can. Happy collecting