Crank up the sound, Enjoy

User Rating: 8.7 | 1080: Avalanche GC
>> 1080* Avalanche is quite possibly my favorite GC game, from an artistic point of view. It has this awesome indie feel to it. I don't think this game has been given the right amount of credit.
>> What I particularly LOVE about this game is the music selection. It's not an obnoxious collaboration of head-smashing headaches, but instead a mix of indie-style tunes mixed in with some actual licensed songs. They get you going nonetheless, and each is fitting with the environment and style of gameplay.
>> As far as graphics go, they are my favorite of any GC game I had, and are beautiful. Each environtment has it's own style. The only thing that prevented this game from being a complete visual masterpiece in my opinion is the fact that there is a helicopter in the game that doesn't look so great to me. >> This game is actually pretty fun too, but definitely challenging. I haven't beaten it. If you have a Gamecube, you should at least try this game out.