What happens when a MMORPG gets infected? We're here to find out.

User Rating: 8 | .hack//Infection Part 1 PS2
The game's concept is superb. Is something never done before, a game inside a game. Inspired in the anime .hack//SIGN, this is a start to a series of 4 games which will mark history in the .hack// terminology.

It does seem like a MMORPG, since you get mail, trade stuff w/ characters, read forums, etc. just like a regular one, and you get to build your party, level up, get better equipment, etc.

The main character is Kite, with which you start exploring your very first dungeon along Orca (i hate his green first outfit). After, some stuff happens (sry, gotta go low on spoilers) and Orca disappears and Kite gets a uber-cool orange outfit and the hacking ability with his shiny new bracelet.

As far as the game goes, you gotta complete some quests, level up, go through many, many dungeons and fight the so called 'Data Bugs', or, as you will, infected data.

In the end of the game, you come across the first of the many challenges the series will give you: The Terror of Death, Skeith. He's a badass, as you will experience when you get to him, and it's hard to beat him.
Of course there's more like him in later games.

The soundtrack's original, the graphics are somewhat childish, you can change your desktop image, and the list goes on.

A pretty good RPG for a starter in RPG or any anime lover in this planet.

Final Score: 8.0