All this is, is some easy trophies and thats all it will ever be

User Rating: 2 | .detuned PS3
Well to shorten it down the game if it can be called a game is a waste of time serious waste of time and money. I bought it as I bought something else and it was cheap and they took me over the balance amount to put on your PSN account from your card. The game involves a man sitting on a chair, you have to press a combintaion of buttons to get him to diffrent things and make his head diffrent. If you can press all the diffrent combinations of , X,O, Triangle and Square, make him run around a chair, watch the demo and play a MP3 track from your PS3 you get 4 bronze trophies, 5 silver trophies and a gold trophy. Its pretty simple will keep you entertained till you get all the trophies which takes 5 minutes or less. Total waste of time unless you are a trophy hunter.


+ Easy trophies
+ Upload MP3 tracks

- Boring
- No replay value
- Take hardly anytime to complete