Best RPG I've ever played,this game is definitely in the league of the Final Fantasies.

Gameplay 10 / 10
The gameplay of this game is extremely innovative. The fights and speed, a first time player would even say this game is the best RPG ever. It is definitely in the league of its brother series, Final Fantasy.

Graphics 10 / 10
For an early PS2 release, the graphics of this game are simply astonishing. In the graphics department, this game is definitely a winner.

Sound 9 / 10
The soundtrack of this game is a mix of whimsical music for the disney worlds, and tense music for the heartless battles. The battle noises sound like the fight is right in front of you.

Value 10 / 10
This game deserves a place in your collection for many years to come. You will play it many times over just to discover all the goodies and items hidden in the game.

Overall, this game should not be missed by anybody. It is a great game that is overlooked due to the fact that some people think it's childish. I can assure you that it's not. Both children and adults can have lots of fun playing Kingdom Hearts.