True its to word, death or glory delivers great tactical challenges, and performs great!

User Rating: 8 | XIII Century: Death or Glory PC
Interesting game, I think this is the only game that features Kieven Rus' forces?...The tactical challenges are simple if you know what you are doing, but for beginners, it may seem overwhelming...the trick is to be fast and not to hang, using the "pause" feature to set up your defense or attack is sometimes vital to your victory.

There is however one problem, if you have installed this game, without patching, it will give you a lot of problems; performance, bugs etc. Download the latest patch, and all those problems are gone.

Translation is okay, but it is accented, if you want an authentic feel, buy the Russian version if there is one. If you are interesting in the 12th/13th century, this one is good to add to your collection, though there are obviously some good alternatives...