Look, I got Jade's game!

You play as the most bad ass assassin ever seen called Altaïr. He is on a mission to get an artifact for his assassin guild, but something is wrong. The templars got there before Altaïr and his team, so Altaïr breaks all three tenants of the creed and the situation gets out of hand. Altaïr forgets all that he has ever learned about being stealth and goes into a full frontal attack and fails miserably. He gets separated from his team and ends up having to go back to the guild alone. Here he is stripped from his rank and all his inventory for ignoring the creed and will have to earn it all back.

As written before, the first 30 minutes of the game is a long tutorial that teaches you the basics which could have been done in 5 minutes, BUT, the tutorial is also an important part of the main story, so that makes up for the boring part. The controls are great and easy to learn, and you end up spending hour after hour just jumping from roof to roof, and even if you fail a jump, Altaïr manages to look bad ass all the way through, even when he gets thrown around by guards he looks like someone you don't want to mess with. The graphics are incredible and so nice for the eyes that you can spend much time just running around in the cities to look at it all. The only bad thing I can come to think of is the camera angles. If your camera is a bit off then you might end up killing yourself in a leap of faith or just jump right down into the cold water. There are also a few bugs they need to fix, like when suddenly everything stops moving and you have to restart your PS3. But a really cool game none the less.