Highly addictive and awesome, but it could have been better.

This isn't going to be much a review, just a few comments about the game. Although my rating is a 8.5, I highly recommend this game because it does many things well, and it's highly addictive. I've had it for about a year and I have 186 hours on it. Civilization IV is probably a better game than this, but V has a more interesting combat system in my opinion. That reason alone gives V longer staying power. In IV, I just dominated everyone and there was no challenge unless you highly crippled yourself. That is true for V, but to a lesser extent. The primary issue with this series is the A.I. As you raise the difficulty, the A.I. doesn't get any smarter. It just gives them more advantages than you. I really don't like that. For V, after 186 hours, I have a problem playing it more, not because I am bored with the game, but because I have no challenge. On level 4, I dominate the world and on level 5, I die before the A.D. years start. I might try starting a new game on level 5 and see if I can do better, but it annoys me that the A.I. builds three cities before I can get my first worker. There isn't a strategy for that, and then the country right next to you declares war on you for no reason and they have unlimited units to fight with. That description is more from when I tried out level 8, but I still die on 5.