have potential but let down by poor control and poor ai

first i will say that the gameplay of this game is the thing that make this game so bad followed close by the ai that is just plain dumb. the game cant control the player and dont do anything until you take control of the player. it is also imposible unless you attack a comp player at two to take the ball out of they legs but they will be able to do it to you alone. they are also always well place and always get the ball. one of the thing i did not like is when you shoot the player get diselected and cant take the ball back if countered and come back to you also the controls are awfull i play with a logitech rumble pad and they are really bad. other thing is that if a long ball pass trought your defense you have no way to stop the attack and always get a goal or always score. this is another example of a game that concentrate to much on graphics (that are not that good on the pc) and not on the most important part controls