LA Noire gives a glimpse into the dark side of LA in the 1940s which is solid and is a definite buy.

Graphics: 8/10 The graphics are really good; the environments are detailed, and 1940s LA is re-enacted in great detail and appeal. The facial animations are highly realistic, lending a great cinematic feel to the game. There is, however, alot of "fade-in"; some detailed objects do not show their detail and are blurry until becoming detailed a certain time after you get close to them. Also, some of the animations could use some work.

Sound: 10/10 The voiceover work is plentiful and the music and sound effects are well-suited to the game and atmosphere. The voiceover is extremely well acted and adds to the experience tremendously.

Control: 8/10 The game generally controls well; the closest I can compare it to would be Red Dead Redemption, and you get the feeling that RDR was perhaps the basis for the control scheme and gameplay of this game.

One issue is that sometimes the control is a little too loose for the high-speed scenes of running, and the cover system isn't always up to par.
Another issue is that there is a noticeable drop in framerate in some scenes.

Content: 7/10 The gameplay is engaging and the environments and characters are great. Combat features destructible environments and the whole experience puts you into the shoes of a 1940s LAPD officer. The main story missions are engaging and there are plenty of side quests to be completed. The main character, Cole Phelps, is complex and offers a myriad of aspects which reveal themselves throughout the game.

The game is not without its flaws. For one thing, some kind of morality system would have been nice-- it would have been cool if you could choose to be a good cop or a bad cop, similar to the paragon/renegade system used in Mass Effect or the honor system used in Red Dead Redemption.

Also, the interrogation system and lie detection, while awesome, are incomplete. Questions pop up where the only correct answer is that the person is lying and your evidence doesn't necessarily support your contradiction of the lie.

The game is generally great throughout, but takes a rather bad downward turn toward the end and fizzles.

One more small issue is that the game would have done well with controller vibration when you get hit in gunfights and when you fire your gun.