Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City and San Andreas: Some of the bests of Rockstar's classic games. Quick Review

Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand theft auto 3 is the first 3D GTA to come out at the time so for then there was probably nothing old.Today, it's nothing compared to the features of new releases.

But actually, all it changes is the graphics, physics and variety because the story was already as good as all the other games and the stories are what the majority of people keep their curiosity around while they are playing the missions.

Although, like i mentioned before, variety and physics are some stuff in this game that are way less developed witch gives way more hours of gameplay behind. In Vice city and San Andreas, your vehicle takes way less damage due to realism and the quantity of side missions you can do is much more.

So the gameplay hours are towards missions, side missions though there is a bit less, package collecting, poor cop chases/causing trouble or crushing cars at the car crusher for money, which is one of the unique activies in this game.

Grand theft auto: Vice city

This is one great game i played: the theme of it's old school time is perfect,
the weapons, cars and side missions varies much more than in GTA 3.The city looks really great and original from both GTA 3 and San Andreas and is perfect for cruising and police chases.Later in the storyline, GTA: Vice City obliges you to buy and take over properties and businesses.These give you missions to keep the game going, your own gang and better rewards.

Probably the only con of this game is the fact that you need to complete it at 100% to be able to make your crew follow you around for more fun. And that
punishes a lot of debut gamers with difficulty.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In the whole GTA series, this IS the game described as ''king of variety''.
In a 50 hours of gaming, you can have fun still being at the beginning of
the story.In any way this game has 3 times more to offer than in Vice city:
weapons, clothes, shops, vehicles, locations, missions and characters.

This game didn't only show that it could be way more fun with more access but the originality of new stuff to do and in each city, 5 examples which still brings huge fun: burglaries, drive-bys, low rider competitions, car customization and gambling for money short cuts.

The only reason i wouldn't put a 5/5 for this game is because of the graphics,
but in its year, it was the perfect game on Playstation 2 and Xbox.