once again an excellent work from blizzard .

User Rating: 10 | World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria PC
once again an excellent work from blizzard .
the new maps just look gorgeous they definitively captured the essence of the oriental building and all that stuff .and the new monk class is very balanced and is definitively something you wanna try on as well as the pandaria race that is very cool to play with . they really did an impressive job with the animations and the sound tracks are just right . well structured dungeons with good fighting mechanics and very well designed.the new ranking sistem for chalenge is something the big guilds would like to fight to be in the top.and i simple cant wait to see the next updates. they also did some pretty good improvements in the game interface.

the game mechanic is the same , but honestly , there aint no better MMO out there these days. i honestly intend to keep playing world of warcraft for many more years. also the new pet battle sistem is extremely cool and funny , i hope they plan on add more of these minigames in the future.