Warhawk is toted as a cult classic, with a huge underground following. I don't get it. It doesn't control well at all!!

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So why the hype? I dunno, mebbe it was sony's first foray into 3-D air combat, mebbe they never later played ace combat when it came out...i just don't know. i do know that warhawk controlled more like a chicken hawk with it's head cut off, and it was ridiculously tough for being so very ugly.

So why the fascination? Did we suffer from being too naive to know better? We assumed 3 dimensions are in fact ugly as sin? You would think not seeing that we live in 3 dimensions, but apparently we are indeed so simple that we'll buy into any fantasy, if there are pretty colors (which btw- warhawk doesn't have).

You remember going to disneyland as a kid and thinking that the magic castle in the middle of the park was enormous? ok, now remember when you last went as an adult, and you got stuck in the tiny hallways?

This is the realization that should come bundled with warhawk. and yet, people still praise it. take another look folks...it isn't the majestic air fighter you remember, and in truth...it never was.