This is the expansion we've been waiting for!

User Rating: 8 | Warhawk - Operation: Fallen Star PS3
So the first two expansions were not all they were hyped up for, but this one is great! In Fallen Star you can equip jetpacks and fly around the levels, these can be doubled as a way to bail out of your warhawk. These can be used for the original levels as well, you can find sniping spots you could never reach before. Even the statue on eucadia is in the mix. The jetpacks can also be used for quick assaults on smaller maps. The level Tau Crater is great for sniping and has a ton of interesting features. You can snipe from atop the destroyed ship or hide in a tree. It makes great use of the new jetpacks

Map: 7/10
New vehicle: 9/10

Overall I give this expansion 8/10 for a great vehicle and a alright map. Tau Crater could have been a little smaller as all of the expansion levels tend to be very big.