World of Tanks - Update 7.0 Trailer

Update 7.0 for the armored action MMOG World of Tanks is available now!

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    What about British tanks, eh? I want me a Sherman Firefly (I know, the Sherman was an American tank, but we gave a few of them 17-pounder anti-tank guns, and nicknamed them Fireflies - they could take out Tigers)!


    Thanks for making me watch a watch a trailer. F*** you, GameSpot.


    I started with the BETA, it was fun then......after awhile, the ones who wanted to be in-charged messed things not play any more.


    funny how there's a french heavy tank at the end which is not included in this patch. it's like "haha noobs you can't have it" but I think it's supposed to be a teaser of what's to come.