The State of eSports - EB Expo 2012

GameSpot community manager Zorine Te is joined by special guests Derek "Dox" Reball of Team Nv, Steve "PyroZero" Androu of The Shadowloo, and eSports consultant Craig "Pandan" Warren to chat about the state of eSports and how it can improve.

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    lol I love it :)


    I never thought Zorine was the skirt-wearing type. I think she's so cute. As to the people who feel the need to make themselves feel important by ripping pro gaming: nobody is forcing you to watch this video or become a fan of pro gaming. Get a life. Thanks.



    We are Gamers commenting in a forum full of fellow Gamers. Whether we have a life or not is irrelevant. The fact that we care enough to comment means we care enough to log onto this website at all. This is a good thing even when we dont agree.

    PS Thank you for your comment. ;)


    @moc5 This hits the mark. Regardless of opinion we are all gamers, supporting the growth of the gaming community. In fact more often than not disagreements in opinion bring intellectual conversation.


    Still trying to push this as a sport huh? Good lord.


    @BeateDrabing most intelligent people consider it a competition not a sport. the title e-sports just rolls off the tongue easier than anything anyone's come up with yet.


    @BeateDrabing If you're not interested, you don't need to bring down those who are.


    Nice insight into the scene, I like it.


    When did pro-gamer become a title, and who watches this crap, just play the game yourself.

    uhhh lol


    @I_ArCh0n_I More than a decade ago. Millions of people around the world watch it.


    Ummmm...uhhhhh....ummmmmm like ummmmmm uhhhhhh ummm ummm. This was hard to watch... Slouch over more please! New drinking game, every time they say "uhhh" or "ummm" take a shot. You should probably play this game at the hospital...


    @---Cipher--- Sorry to disappoint. The slouching was due to us having to lean forwards to hear eachother over the venue music.


    Loooooooow energy here!!! I got bored and didnt finish watching it. MORE ENERGY NEEDED!!!!


    @moc5 It's a discussion, not a boxing match.


    @ACLDox @moc5

    Yeah, but some times it's more fun to spice things up a bit. The information was relevant. It was the delivery that I thought could use a bit more spice. By the way, your suggestion of a boxing match during the discussion was a great idea next time. ;)


    She looks so tired =(