Tales of Monkey Island GamePlay Movie 1

Take an exclusive look at the latest gameplay clip for Tales of Monkey Island!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


I hope the fightings just like the old ones.... where you must insult your way to victory!... and the skull... oh the laughing skull.... still makes me jump today :)


Looks pretty good, is for wiiware or wii?


lol, nice dialoge! =]


I'll check it out!! I love point and click adventure games!!! Like Sam and Max Freelance Police for the PC.. Ohh yeaa!!!!!


lol reminds of Kings Quest 7. I loved point and click adventures on the PC and this game looks fantastic.


I miss these old adventure games. I hope this Monkey Island game will have good enough reviews to give the adventure genre a new beginning. I want a sequel to Woodruff and Grim Fandango!


TellTale AND Lucas arts....makes you wonder if they will recreate The Dig or Full Throttle (although it was canceled)...maniac mansion 3?


Jesus! That magic gathering commercial is a real PITA with that damn loud music. I would do anything for GS to get good commercials some day.


wow I used to love P&C adventures.....I wonder if they sacrificed a little on the graphical side in exchange for great dialog and story. Thats fine with me if they did.


Nice, very nice.. I was missing the old Treepwood chap. Although, I am really more in favor of the announced "revamped" original The Curse of the Monkey Island.


Wtf is this game man???


I just hate how they release them in episodes. I'm going to try and wait for 2010 to play but it'll be hard. On the other hand I could just play only 1 a month and it might sacrifice the experience. Either way I'm going to get it, it looks great so far, but I just wish they were released at once. Then they'd definitely have my pre-order.


Well...the graphics are decent(still they can't compare to CMI), the humour is good but Guybrush isn't Guybrush anymore(that goatee he has really is a big disappointment) and LeChuck's "HARRR" is kinda annoying(mainly because he keeps repeating it).I don't expect to like this version of MI very much but it's better than nothing.Still, i'm looking forward to check the special edition of "SOMI"...that looks awesome !


@ shawnyboy12 I hope u r right man


@Black-Curse Even though its not made by LucasArts a lot of the people who worked on previous Monkey Island games will be working on these new episodes. That was a relief for me when I heard about it.


Lol, he was about to say... "Yeah, well you fight like a.." (cow) Classic reference.


WTF I can't Believe But it is not LucasArts I hope it would be good


This game looks like it'll be a lot of fun but it also looks horrible in 3D, the best version of it was Monkey Island 3, it was a beautiful piece of art in 2D!


grim fandango II please


Hopefully in the other episodes that it will include insult sword fighting or somewhat, But this still game still looks really fun!


This is gonna be another boatload of fun for adventure gamers! I can't wait!


Sounds fun!


They should've make it similar to the other Monkey Island games, not Wallace and Gromit. But this doesn't mean Wallace and Gromit is a bad game.


Are they going to release it in DVD for the Wii?


I agree with some of the others, it looks childish. I look forward to The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition by LucasArts this summer, I'll leave this one be.


The Curse of Monkey Island was my first MI game and i absolutely loved it! played the other 3 also loved them as well and now i absolutely can't wait for this one to come out!


Monkey Island 4 was my first Monkey Island....I loved it! Especially the insulting arm wrestling game!


cool. i might give it a shot purely for nostalgy reasons. point-and-click adventures are just so boring by today's standards. i noticed this when i tried to play the new sam&max series. i wasn't able to remain interested after a while.


I totally agree with alekxandru.. lol!


You guys can shove ur pessimism somewhere...You have to learn that graphics aren't the most important thing of a game, they are only a part of it. I'd rather have a game with an awesome, hilarious storyline and gameplay over some fancy sparkly graphic effects. As far as I saw in this video, graphics look OK, playable. The humor seems good to, "FINISH THE RECIPE", lol. Besides, Telltale Games did a fine job bringing back Sam&Max, so I'll trust them in this one as well. Cheers!


they brought back a classic! woot!!


who ever said this game is not for 16 year olds. think again =.=


Theme song = Epic nostalgy.


This game looks awesome!! I loved the Monkey Island series, especially the 3rd one. I can't wait!!!


Look pretty good. Too bad my wi-fi doesn't work


Monkey Island?! I never thought I'd see the day when they made a new one! I still have all the ones from when I was a kid! I hope its as funny as the ones before! lol "FINISH THE RECIPE!"


It's Great, Good Old School Gaming. Everything Old + New Story Great. Finally Old Classics Revived.. + Diablo 3 Rocks, In Games Like This Graphics Are Irrelevant.


Awe man, it looks like they are going to ruin it... Monkey Islands 1-3 are among my favorite games (still need to get ahold of 4,) hopefully I'll be able to say the same for this, but I doubt it..... =( Think hopeful thoughts though people. =P


Oh man! Everyone below was right! The graphics are lame. Same clunky controls as 3d adventures of the past. First Diablo 3, and now this!


The graphics are childish p o o... but the rest is good


Monkey Island 1 and 2 rules. All the others just suck. Monkey 1 and 2 with Indiana Jones 3 and 4 are the best adventures for me. Why they don't make such games anymore? Why? Why? Why? Why?




They need to go back to the 'Curse of Monkey Island' style graphics, much better!


Music is great Voice acting is even greater But the rest looks so cheap


I keep hearing people bang on about the "adult humor" of the original Monkey Island games... What has always been great about the Monkey Island games is that the writing, themes and subject matter appeals to anyone; something that is incredibly hard to pull off. Judging by the fantastic job Telltale did with the episodic Sam & Max series, Tales of Monkey Island should prove to be a lot of fun. It makes me giggle when people say "Adult humor" as it makes me think of west country comedian Jethro. I'm "Mad looking forward" to this.


This game reminds me of Curse of Monkey Island, which I loved!!!


i agree with bezza old ones were better, i really liked the animations on the others this looks like a game for kids now.....


sort of watched it hoping it was going to be good but no. the voice acting, deary me if anyone had any respect for the orginals then why mess. it really does seems to be aimed at young ones when the orginals were adult based humour. wasn't lining the cartoon effect, was that ment to be le chuck? what have they done to my beloved game. the firsdt 2 was awesome, the story the people, the whole thing just felt right this just seems stupid, his voice sounds stupid, she sounds silly and le chuck deary me, he's ment to be a ghost, legendary pirate and all that. really doesnt look good for it.

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