Scarlet Monastery - World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Video

Here's a quick overview of the Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance in the Heroic Dungeon.

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    @PieGuy22 You're right, I can indeed say that Pandaren were in WC3. I can do that because it completely invalidates your comment. You're trying to discredit me saying how this is new content by saying that there's Pandaren in it? Yes, that's PART of the new content. This really is very basic concepts of expansion packs here. I'm not sure why it's giving you difficulty understanding it. Maybe you can tell me what changes you didn't like. Do you expect them to cater to each individual person out of 12 million people? Almost forgot, what was your character's name and class?


    @-Unreal- What do you mean it "invalidates" my comment? I understand and agree Pandaren were in Warcraft 3. It wasn't involved in the main campaign of Warcraft 3 and it was the less serious part of Warcraft 3. World of Warcraft is more serious than WC3 while still looking somewhat cartoony. I just don't see those pandas fitting in well to the whole setting. The trailer didn't excite me at all - and everyone I know who's seen it hated the addition. Some of these people were hardcore WOW players. I was a casual player, but I still loved the game back then.

    The new content they added just doesn't compare to previous added content. Just because it's new doesn't mean it's welcome. I can bet more than 50% of people hated the expansion, or at least disliked it.

    My highest level character was named Thoron (Tauren) and he was a warrior. My main reason of quitting the game is just how everyone is level 80 now and there's less diversity of levels. (They can't fix that though)


    @-Unreal- While I get your point, look at this for a second. Ya it would be good to add more content, but this.... this is Kung Fu Panda. And you can say all you want how there was a panda in Warcraft 3, but this is seriously a joke. I honestly stopped playing this game long ago because of so much changes I didn't like, but I just think its funny how they ruined a perfectly fine game with all these changes.


    @red666devil It's called content. Why would a game developer not release stuff to keep players playing? Would you prefer they just took people's money and didn't give them anything to do? You would make an excellent business man. Save the "well I run X business" too because I won't believe you.


    more milk....


    huh, how often do you get to post a meaningless first comment, so here goes: Those guys at 1:28 were having potions lessons.... sorry i just had to do it