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GameSpot Asia's Jonathan Toyad and Randolph Ramsay check out the upcoming PC action RPG, Path of Exile!

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    Hyping this game for a year and a half now! maybe not such a good idea. release the damn thing already. ugh should have adjustable camera views. im sick of these views (100ft up and still can't see much)


    You guys could sound a little more excited.


    Looks very good and gory I love it :D


    is that final fantasy skill screen = ="


    1st diablo now this one .... why they just don't make offline mode games?? love to rpg games and this one looks promising,


    @Naswari dude why does it matter almost 90% of pc games in the last serval years have been online only... Get used too it scrub


    Was completely unimpressed until I saw the skill screen


    Might try it just for the progression thing, not a fan of graphic style at all, Baldur's gate 2 looked better, but I guess that doesn't really matter.


    @-MordeN- yea I love bg2 but saying it looks better is a pretty dumb statement just saying....


    @-MordeN- obviesly PoE looks better then BG2, you would have to be completley ignorant to believe BG2 looks better


    This came is great to play, very addictive. I like RPG/action games but I don't usually play online. After watching the review I decided to pay for the beta access code, which was about £6.50 here in the UK and it was a little money well spent as I have spent hours on this game already!

    Graphics wise it is very good, though a little dark, which does add to the atmosphere of the game.

    The voice acting is also very good and so far it is used mainly to develop various quests back stories, so it does not involve long conversations with multiple choice replies.

    There is the option to turn off in game hub comments, which I chose to do, so that I can play my own game alone, though the options are there for those who prefer online or lan play. I believe at the moment each player must purchase the beta access key, or you can buy extra player slots yourself.

    The barter system is different to other coin driven games of this type and works well enough, though the jury is still out on it a bit because its hard to tell whether you are actually upgrading your equipment in the inventory?

    In a coin system you can better get an idea of the actual value of weapons and armour, so generally 2 similar pieces of kit, with slightly different magic attribute stats can be more easily decided which is best by its monetary value, which is a helpful decision maker for me?

    I LOVE THIS GAME, it reminds me of Titan Quest which was also story driven (ish) and is very overland travel to dungeons to complete quests, so you are not permanently in the dark fumbling your way around.

    On final release it has been stated that online play will always be FREE to play, so that is to be applauded by Grinding Gears, the manufacturers. Games like this and Torchlight 1+2 are the TRUE way games should be developing, rather than some manufacturers who will charge an arm and a leg to buy the game, then charge the other leg to stay online by monthly subscription, plus the second arm for future fixes and download content!

    WELL DONE Grinding Gears, Path of Exile looks very polished and plays very well now in beta stage, far better than some released games which need patching the next day. So far I am hoping this could be an early game of the year contender because it is an affordable back to GRASS ROOTS RPG game for those who love this great genre, as it once was.

    Please keep up all the great work Indy developers and show the big name, egocentric money grabbing games developers how it SHOULD be done to develop a fan base and HAPPY CUSTOMERS!


    85% ripped straight from Diablo 2. NOT a bad thing ;)


    This game is a classic in the making,very well put together game the versatility is insane in this game, all them classes can use the same passive skills,the potential bills are almost limitless,i really hope it get the well deserve hype it deserves,because great games like this go over peoples heads sometimes just like the witcher1,because they are always getting distracted by some over hype games sometimes.


    Looks way better from Diablo 3


    The same death animation over and over. What is this 2001?


    @Atheosis How do you expect people to die?

    Tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle?

    Sorry but in a Sword and Sorcery type rpg, there are only so many ways for people to die and chopping off bits, with lots of blood spatter, or burning to death just NEVER GETS OLD!


    Good Lord, could this be even MORE like diablo? Utterly unoriginal in terms of design, and frankly, gameplay as well. The skill 'web' looks more perplexing than promising. Still, I see potential for coop, and only coop as palying campaign solo would cause serious tediousness overdose.


    @maderrin Well its CHEAPER to play, does not need patching every 5 minutes, and the skill web though it does LOOK complicated, only gives very many OPTIONS for your character to develop in your own way. It is NOT intended for you to fill all the possible slots, though you can TRY with different characters which adds to its replay ability!

    I am currently playing the beta solo and I am anything but bored.

    What bores me is nobs swearing and making inane comments about other players on public games trackers.


    @maderrin congrats, we win the prize for most uninformed post of the year. When you comment something, at least try to research it.


    that skill tree looks like the map on eve online, except it's organized lol


    Fortunately there are enough f2p mmos out there so that I don't need to get angry about a chance lost on this M-stuff, besides I am still emotionally drained from my disappointment over Guild Wars...


    Cant wait to play this game. D2 is one of my alltime fave games.


    BTW, I hear its already polished very nicely & its not even in open beta yet!?!. they been working on it since 2006 I belive?.



    Ya i've been playing for more than 6 months and it's been very playable and enjoyable the whole time. Would definitely reccomend getting it for 10 $.


    inventory reminds me of champions of norrath

    the skill tree is insane!


    Holy cow, this graphics is better than Diablo 3!!!

    I somewhat regret buying Diablo 3.


    @ulgk What? You don't like the broken loot system in Diasblo 3 along with the ingame-ebay?


    @H4num4n Very sarcastic, haha. But yeah, Diablo 3 is my last game from Blizzard seriously.

    Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty was just a cash cow because of only one campaign. Diablo 3 was a total trash; it shouldn't ever be rated as an action-RPG but a garbage-RPG. In final, I am so damn dissapointed in Blizzard. Any developers who failed to evolve, won't be getting my money anymore.


    Holy shit that skill map.Me likey.


    i do wish this comes out in a box in actual stores for purchase, regardless of its fp2 nature.

    it features some nicely complex character build options. one of the things d3 chose to entirely remove.



    It *is* available - quite pricey in that format (the "Silver Pack" pre-purchase is the minimum for the physical media), but I was happy to support them as independent developers, and as fellow Kiwis. :)


    I played this over the summer and absolutely loved it. Currently I am eagerly waiting for open beta to get started again.


    Played the beta for quite a while. A "must try" for anyone who's into action RPGs. The skill/gem system is great, no "handholding" there, YOU decide your build !

    Also, no potion hording. Potions refill as you keep killing monsters, potions have various different properties and you can even upgrade them.

    Yes, the Indy origins of PoE shine through sometimes, personally it never was a game breaker to me.

    Hey, F2P....all you can loose is a few hours of your gaming time. But i don't think you'll consider them "lost" after trying. ;)


    No cartoon. YES!


    is the terrain always refreshing and random just like in D2?



    the map ambiance and theme will remain the same (different areas will have different themes) but the map layout does change .


    @GamerOuTLaWz Yes the area maps are randomly generated as far as i'm aware of.


    I went ahead and purchased the pre-entry beta for this awhile ago:). Very good game for people who remember the glory of Diablo 2 but it has its own spark. This is what Diablo 3 should have been. Diablo 3 was a over hyped pos. Kudo's to the creators of this game. Waiting paitently for open bata so I dont have to have my character whiped;o. I will be playing 10x more than.


    @Snowx1 Same here, after many hours i gave it a rest now. Definitely gonna pick up on it again once the wipe is done and i finally can restart without loosing my char. ;)


    OMG... i love it !!! can't wait


    Good game for that classic lovers like me.

    main pros :Looks dirty like diablo 2 and plays good, nice tree

    cons : gear aint that great looking at the beta


    That's not a skill tree, that's a skill map, complete with little strategic figurines and everything.


    Looks like Diabolo 4.


    Looks awesome! Reminds me of Dungeon Siege II.


    @Gelugon_baat LOL yeah. Gem socketing is actually one of the core gameplay mechanics to make our own customized character build. Its simple at beginning but gets more complex later on when we reach higher levels. So i can't imagine how it can work if they charge a fee for something as fundamental as removing gems.


    F2p....i play most of them and it is always:

    Normal game if you pay

    Painfull grind, exping, collecting etc. for f2p players

    Always always always, developers want to earn money that for the game is made.

    F2p always been "F2P" :p


    @belgard1299 Nope, most of Path of Exile shop going to include cosmetic items, cosmetic pets and special animations.

    Only game effecting things in shops are extra stash tabs, guild stores and extra character slots which has no effect on gameplay.


    It certainly is very good looking for a free-to-play game, and good looking tends to be very expensive. Even if there isn't too much nickel and diming at launch, I would expect that they will make this game very profitable in due time.


    @Gelugon_baat Nope, you can actually put gems into sockets and remove them anytime without going to any NPC or pay for them.


    Going to download over the next few days to try out over the holidays - It looks quite good.


    @Gelugon_baat Thats awesome. Hopefully its not that grindy like most MMOs.


    @Gelugon_baat @Setsuna00 pay-to-get-shit-earlier in the form of XP boosts is fine , just not buying power , no one should expect to play a game for free forever , f2p is good enough to get you into the game , pay to win models sucks , f2p is totally different , but common ignorance would say otherwise ....


    @Setsuna00 @Gelugon_baat Yeah the Diamond supporters get to work with the developers on the creation of a unique item to be added to the game at some point. At present I'm also in closed beta, the game offers optional supporter packs which net you posters, soundtrack downloads, and for the Silver Supporter and above, a physical DVD copy of the game, but give you NO advantage in game at all. As far as I'm aware, Grinding Gear Games are against anything that is 'pay-to-win'

    It's also interesting to note that they have currently sold over 500 Diamond Supporter packs (that's $999 each)


    @Gelugon_baat Yep i can answer that with that confidence at least. Cos from what i saw, even the Diamond supporter who paid a grand didn't get any gameplay benefit like xp boost or something. They did get a diamond kiwi pet lol but that's only for novelty.


    Not sure how this comment panel works, i made sure i typed my words with proper line and spacing but it got screwed up anyway.


    @Gelugon_baat @RandolphRam Taken from the official website faq.6. What does Path of Exile cost to play?

    Path of Exile is 100% free to play, for everyone, forever. Our website will allow the purchase of many in-game perks and aesthetic upgrades, but all of these are completely optional, and players can have a complete, fulfilling gaming experience without spending a penny.

    7. I still don't understand how it's free to play - what's the catch?

    There is no catch at all, once you download the client you are free to play for as long as you like, with no charge. The purchasable perks do not convey any gameplay benefit, but help you create a unique look for your character and its fighting style.Not sure how true those words gonna be though. I'm in close beta right now, and currently the micro-transactions only consist of extra tab for item stash and extra character slot.


    holy crap that skill tree!


    looks like what D3 should have been!


    This game needs to be out now!!!


    wow...diablo twin lost brother /o/

    even the animations in the character creation is the same XD


    @bhmg The game goes open beta in January. Give it a shot, as it has D2 vibe in it, but is still

    very distinctive game


    @stan_hg i will ^^ being a twin brother of diablo 2 (AND NOT 3) isn´t bad at all!!!


    @bhmg @stan_hg Just try and refrain from Diablo comments when you start playing the game, the hardcore PoE players hate having it compared to Diablo :D