NBA Live 14 - E3 2013 Trailer

Check out the trailer shown during EA's Press Conference at E3 2013 for NBA Live 14.

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    I'll wait for a Demo and a Review on NBA Live 14. NBA 2K needs to upgrade their graphics. NBA Live 14 does look better.


    i cant wait till this comes out because i'm tired of 2k lack of defense well true d like college has better d, then 2k but the game play is more realistic of the game of basketball but 2k overrate there players specially the superstars. live is more exciting to me.


    Even with EA having 2 years of Dev time to innovate something cool with NBA LIVE... I have no faith whatsoever that they will deliver the goods. EA is all 'talk' without actually delivering anything new with the sports games. All reheats. Next Gen will be interesting to watch. New game engines... or the same shit with a shinier coat of paint on them?


    CG trailer...and it was bad at that. This would have benefited from having actual in-game footage shown. It's starting to look like it will NBA 2K14 for me again this year. Though 2K is really getting lazy with no solid competition.