GS News - Keiji Inafune's Yaiba will be Ninja Gaiden spin-off

Game to be subtitled Ninja Gaiden Z and developed by Comcept, Team Ninja and Sparks Unlimited.



A Ninja Gaiden spin-off??? This game don't sit right with me Lois, it don't sit right with me.


His mission is to kill Ryu Hyabusa?????  It may be a good game but as a matter of fanboy-nerd-talk that's a bad mission.  Of all the people in the video game world, they send him to get Ryu Hyabusa.


I guess it could be worse, his mission could be to kill Kratos or Solid Snake, or the Master Chief.  But that's about the whole list as far as more difficult targets is concerned.  How does that conversation go???  


Boss: "Hey Yiba I got a mission for."

Yiba: "OK boss I'm ready for whatever."

Boss: "I want you to kill Kratos"

Yiba:  (scratches head)  "Kratos???  Ummm, I don't know about that.  That's gonna be real hard.  But even if I pull it off, you do know that killing Kratos doesn't do anything; it just makes him mad, and starts a war."

Boss:  "How about Master Chief, then?"

Yiba: "Errrr."

Boss:  "How about Snake then?"

Yiba:  "Which one?"

Boss:  "Solid?"

Yiba:  "Uhhhh,  That dude's more of a ninja than we are.  We run around running rough-shod over enemies.  Snake actually hides in the shadows.  Sometimes he even doesn't even have to kill anyone to complete his missions."  

Boss:  "Look you have to get somebody"

Yiba:  "How about one the Techmo Ninja's?"

Boss:  "OK"

Yiba: (crosses fingers and whispers under his voice) "Not Hyabusa, not Hyabusa, not Hyabusa."

Boss:  "Ryu Hyabusa"

Yiba: ###K