Feedbackula - LucasArts Funereal Fury!

Disney has closed LucasArts, and you guys are none too happy about it. Johnny sheds his mourning garb to take a closer look at what you've been saying.

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    No one cares, LucasArts sucked anyways.


    I'll definitely miss Lucasarts. They were probably just going through a rough patch. Im sure if they just had more time they would've come up with something great. Let's hope Disney knows what its doing


    Some of my favorite games of all time came out of Lucasarts. Then again, they aren't making those kinds of games anymore so I guess its not really that big of a deal that they closed it down. We will still get Star Wars games, just produced by other companies.


    Funny how EA is gonna make all the star wars games in the future. This is the best thing that could happen to the Star Wars licence. EA Bioware make KOTOR 3. EA DICE make Battlefield: Star Wars (aka Battlefront 3), etc, etc


    Feedbackula returns this week - you have my word on that. Sorry for the delay!


    WHERE DAH FUCK IS DAH NEW EPISODES! I'll start a world annihalation of all things related to Toast, if the show has ended.


    oooohhhhhh!!!!!!!! butter toast party am I invited


    Ever since the Adam Orth deal with it shitstorm happened, and the comment thread was the most I have ever seen, I have not seen a feedbackula episode. Seems a lil suspicious to me. I may just be crazyyy.


    Johnny put down the toast and bring us a new Feedbackula! Best show on this website, yet it seems to be just an after thought.


    For fear of being included in a feedbackula i will restrain myself. where has feedbackula gone? has it been staked through it's cold black maniacal heart? i thought that xbox 720 reveal would have got a feedbackula or even the announcement of the new call of duty. The internet is my TV set and Gamespot is one of my favourite channels (certainly better than the rubbish that is put on actual TV as gaming orientated ie; The blurb)


    Week 4 and no Feedbackula? I take it the show is gone for good?


    @ggregd Feedbackula will return very soon, I promise you that.


    @ggregd Why kill the best thing about this website?



    It is really starting to appear that way? Damn shame if that is the case?


    Where the fuck is the new Feedbackula?

    Are they going to do the next episode based on this thread?

    Johnny went rehab from toast addiction.


    No feedbackula still! Stop eating toast and get to work!


    Saying "we'll be back in two weeks" is Gamespot UK's equivalent of saying "I'm going to the corner store" and never coming back, it seems :/

    But Johnny isn't leaving for a Feedback themed site named "Feedbackstein", right? right? You'd have to call "Show of the Week" just "Show". Because you only do one show a week.


    Where is the crazy British funny man?


    Turns out johnny was arrested in Cambodia. They've been taking the extra time to cut together all of the past feedbaculas to keep the show going while he figures out how to break out. Shouldn't take much longer.



    WHAT? Are you serious? He was arrested in Cambodia?

    Where did you get that information from and if it is a joke, why Cambodia?

    I am just curious as to your posted comment above? Seems so unbelievable and unlikely, it feels made up?

    Then again... because it sounds so unbelievable and unlikely it must be true? Due to very specific location you mentioned, it must've happened? Poor guy.

    Hope everything turns out okay for him, if that is the case? Innocent until proven guilty, doesn't always apply in certain countries!


    @SHEETBIKE @punksterdaddy @cjtopspin @axl159

    Hip hip hooray! That is the best news I've heard all day! Sure I've only been awake 20 mins but still... Great News.

    So Johnny, did you make bail or did you dig tunnels, while whistling The Great Escape, out of Cambodia? Well four weeks digging, that's not bad going.

    Welcome Back.


    @punksterdaddy @axl159 Haha! You actually took him seriously?

    "Seems so unbelievable and unlikely, it feels made up?" Yeah no shit. Maybe that's because it is.


    Three weeks and two days now : / Hope everything is fine, I'd hate to see this show cancelled or Johnny leaving


    @macaque12 Apparently that is how Start/Select ended. "Oh, we're taking a short break, see you in a week or two," and then it was gone forever.


    @Apastron Not really. Their last show did specifically say it was finished.


    @Renoo27 @Apastron I liked Button Mashing. It was dumb, but I kinda like dumb stuff.

    I say BUTTON, you say MASHING!


    @Apastron Damn, I was wondering about what happened to that show some days ago. Hope Feedbackula won't have the same fate


    No podcast and Johnny has fallen through a nether portal or Oblivion gate it seems, the world suddenly feels empty.


    Johny announced at the end of this video that Feeddbackula will be gone for a week or possibly two, that was three weeks ago. The GSUK podcast has been canned since then as well, please come back GSUK, I miss you.


    no lose here for the gaming world. Let's face it FU1/FU2 and SWTOR enough said.


    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I've been craving for another KoTOR epic experience! and now not even 1313!! Some-body gonna get force-choked... real bad!


    Your two weeks are up Johnny, where is the NEW and IMPROVED Feedbackula?

    Loads of idiotic comments to choose from, you may need an Extended Edition?

    (Just leave my comments off?)


    They died with the Star Wars DDR.
    That game will be the Star Wars Holiday Special of the next generation...


    put up videos more often man


    Why did disney even get into the video game biz anyway?


    Ok, so Disney, a company that originally made Mickey Mouse cartoons, now makes movies, games (very bad ones, at that), and shuts down LucasArts - The legendary company that gave birth to Star Wars. LucasArts screwed up Star Wars in the past few years. BioWare, who made tons of GREAT RPG games, also screwed up Star Wars by making the SW:TOR, and screwing over the fans of the franchise, especially by their ridiculous F2P model.

    I'm confused, guys. Who should I hate the most?! Because, honestly, I don't know anymore. I get disappointed daily.


    They should give 1313 to Bioware. They seem to do a pretty good job with The Old Republic.


    Disneys a bitch..couldve been a promising experience for the Star Wars Universe for decades to come...friendly advice disney...STICK TO MAKING MOVIES TOSSERS!! Geez


    I think its a misconception that the developer is totally responsible for making producing games if you remember lucasarts had a concept and footage of swbf3 but if you do a little research you see that it was c*ck blocked by seniors on the Lucas company...


    to be fair lucas arts hasnt produced a decent title since the late 90's but i can't say i'm not a little disappointed in Disney, they could have turned it around but clearly didnt want the hassle of running a games studio.


    @Chickenesta Starwars battlefront 1&2, mercenaries and both had concepts and fan bases to make more at least decent games among other decent games were star wars the old republic, republic commando also had some concept art among other games like the star wars space games not to mention the lego starwars games that would have made some money in future incarnations. What I'm saying is why fire developers, artists, writers who already think "starwars" and would LOVE to continue work on AT LEAST decent games in the future.


    @LIKEABAUSS @Chickenesta Star wars BF 1+2 were good, but not great and many will say had great potential but failed miserably in its delivery, they didn't sell brilliantly and many die hard fans didn't bother.

    Of the games you mentioned Old Republic which is the biggest selling and most popular series from the Star Wars games genre weren't even developed by Lucas Arts nor was Lego Star Wars.

    I hope all of the developers find jobs quickly, just one person loosing their job is tragic let alone 150, but lets not pretend Lucas Arts had produced anything of real substance since the 90's :(

    Actually the more I think about the closure the more excited I get at the thought of all these new studios that might get involved in a new Dark Forces game or a new XvT title, the stuff people really want to see that Lucas Arts never seemed to want to realize.


    @Chickenesta um starwars battlefront 1&2 with the tech and fan base for another not to mention the old republic AND my favorite Mercenaries that also had fan base and concepts for a third. Not to mention Republic commandos which was always called for a sequel the AT LEAST decent star fighting games among others so to say that they have not produced at least a decent title is a bit far of a leap.


    @Chickenesta sorry I have no clue how both these comments were posted but you get the idea...


    Why don't you people out there stop posting stupid comments and think about all the people that lost their jobs.


    Well here goes my hopes for a new SW battlefront...Nice one you stupide mouse...


    The irony of calling someone stupid when you can't even spell the word.


    If I think about games like Sam n Max and Full Throttle, then yeah its a shame. But some others... maybe not so much


    awesome show!!


    trying to stay positive, i hope Disney do a good job with the star wars series. Lucas arts wasn't producing anything significant but have in the past, some really memorable games, Bounty hunter rocked my world, still play it today. Gone but not forgotten.


    Disney contradicted themselves by saying they are looking for proven developers to make games for them, Lucas Arts was a proven developer, they just want to wait for the hype to die down before closing the doors on creating Star wars games for good and focus on making the three new Star Wars movies.


    Kinda expected, nothing good has been coming out of lucas arts for a while. It's not like star wars is gone, they just wanna do it better.


    Anyone else think this guy should host a resurrection of the old Gamespot show "Button Mashers"?


    @pammihesterberg Seems legit.


    hey there! can someone please tell me the name of that mexican-trumpet-electric guitar mix song plays during the show? Thank you boys & girls.


    cheers mate!


    hey jhonny... why don't you make a feedbackula episode based on comments from this episode, then make another episode based on comments from that episode, then another one, another one, then another one it's maybe endless but it will be fun :P


    Where's the toast?!


    @sgt_F79 Clearly need to develop a sense of humour...


    It's spelled "funeral".


    You do know "funereal" is also a word right?


    the hipster is getting fat


    Hey Jonnehh.. I can't wait for the Feebacukla for when Nintendo pulls out of the Console making business :D or should I emote :*(


    Look Star Wars sucks anyway, big damn deal. It hasn't been good since the three original movies. Finally they put a nail in that Lucas Art's coffin. Good riddens to their shitty bus load of crappy endless releases of game franchises.


    @DIN02982 @tmthywtsn out of nearly two decades of their company being active and that's all you can come up with? really?


    @tmthywtsn You just tried to defend your argument against a "personal taste" however, you use a personal taste to defend your own view. I don't mean to be all nasty internet troll but your logic train has derailed.


    @tmthywtsn Mercenaries 1 was a really great Lucas arts game. One of my true favorites of all time. Of course the sequel was one of the worst a terrible game.


    @Apastron @tmthywtsn @DIN02982 Okay you seem to make some sense, but your thoughts are still based mostly on opinion an personal taste. I've played a majority of those games mentioned and found none of them to be exceptional. Maybe Shadow of the Empire could have been something.


    @tmthywtsn The contradiction stems from the fact that there have been several very good games Star Wars games (not all of them necessarily LucasArts' efforts) as illustrated by @DIN02982 , and that's excluding the LEGO Star Wars games, which perhaps with the exception of the Clone Wars one were also very good.

    I personally don't like Star Wars but to dismiss all Star Wars games as being bad is myopic.


    @tmthywtsn Republic Commando, Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, Rogue Squadron 3 Rebel Strike, Empire at War, Star Wars Galaxies


    @tmthywtsn It proves that it has been good since the first three movies, which contradicts what you said in the first place.


    90s Jonneh is cute


    not a fan of lucasarts not a fan of starwars. and i honestly don't see why people are so crazy about starwars. however starwars:bf was one of the better starwars game according to most people. and many of them want to starwars:bf3: and seeing the studio shut down just after being bought by disney is very sad. disney should at least finish 1313 and if the sales aren't good then. the shut it down.


    @the-medz I dislike practically everything Star Wars (except for Jar Jar Binks (= legend)) but there are some quality Star Wars games out there that were amazing on their own merits, namely Battlefront, Knights of the Old Republic and TIE Fighter. Actual Star Wars fans were spoilt up until the last ten years.

    This won't be the end of Star Wars games, but I fear that acquiring the license to make one is going to be so expensive that the final game will either be rife with microtransactions or will be unpolished, unrefined, and will bankrupt the studio that produce it (likely both).

    Disney won't care though. They'll have sold their license. They'll have taken their royalties for doing nothing. They'll just await the next victim.


    Lol questionable host.. tha's funny but seriously your the funniest guy around the web and one of the best hosts!

    Please Gamespot, never shut down this show.