Feedbackula - Future Console Hate Speech!

If rumours are to be believed, we're on the verge of seeing a whole new generation of consoles - so obviously PC and console gamers are going at each other tooth and nail. Find out what they're saying, why not?

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    The hipster joke is funny now because it ended up being called the Xbox One.


    come back feedbackula!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Lovely background videos :D

    PS: Funney show as always!!


    I own both the ps3 and 360. While I like the ps3, my gaming experience does feel a bit limited on it. I still think both systems are great, I just feel like I can do more on the Xbox. PC gaming: too pricey. Too many tech issues that can happen, then you have to have your rig worked on. PC gamers really do need to get off their high horse though and yes, open the mind a bit. And when you buy a top of the line PC, it's not long before the specs start drifting to the back burner and rapidly become obsolete. Then you get to.... ah, my favorite word, upgrade! Pull out this, replace that, dropping more cash in to the tower. Oh and it's best that you learn how to do all that yourself, or else it's trips to the local computer store or finding someone who knows what they are doing and taking the risk. No thanks to all that noise. I'm not a lazy gamer, just a practical one.


    @HipHopBeats @gohangeorge so does anything made with fake sugar.


    this was fun now let the real console wwar begin,,this isnt a real console war;p


    no resident evil 6 coments? that sucked


    1300 dollar pound alienware gaming pc? lol. i could build a better spec pc for 600smackers


    oh mark has some nice muscles


    For some inexplicable reasons, I am eating toast since I watched this video... And I can't eat anything else now but toast... TOAST...


    I am still waiting on the next gen toaster


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    Losing interest in gaming with the state of the industry. Prolly won't get a next-gen console.

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    Man I love this show. It's like the sole purpose is to hate on the trolls that lurk in every corner of this website.


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    hmm...i love the exclusives on the xbox and ps3, even though ive only played them at my friends house. but the big reason why i like pc more is because of strategy games. but i guess that community is so much smaller than the rpg and shooter communities


    You're absolutely right. That is the only viable gaming platform. The others are just a complete waste.


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    After reading your comment I suddenly heard in my head that song by the YMCA In the Navy... Oh the maddness!!


    Sorry Johnny,this Feedbackula sucks. Big way. Where is the fire?


    Good job Johnny, though you seemed a bit low on vitriol this week, I'd make a haircut joke if I didn't also have the sides of my head shaved off...

    As for Harry John Pepper, as someone who works in the illustration industry I just wanted to give a heads up, in that you really need to set up a website for your work if you want to get commissions, an keep it constantly updated! Unless you have and I couldn't find it...


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    @KUNG-LO You should have been wearing your tin foil hat lol


    Why do people argue the whole PC vs consoles fight? To me its about personal preference.


    @bmart970 Because people have to act like 4 yr olds and argue about anything and everything instead of just liking what they like and letting others do the same.


    wait what??????? consoles more superior to PC. HAJAAHAHAHAAAHAH XDXDXDXD.
    I have both pc and ps3 and i think the pc has more games and looks better. And quality games made only on consoles is also false.
    Guys, remember Crysis.


    @hull20004 Crysis? I thought the sequel went multiplatform.. Also FPS suck big way, so who cares. What about games like Red Dead Redemption or GTA V, then?


    @slainta @hull20004 Every F**king system has its own exclusives. You guys are a bunch of Vaginas!!! In case you have not realised the best games to play are the ones that were developed for a specific system. Why because they are spending all there tine making one game Not 3 or 4 shit ones. Well Diablo 3 sucked balls tho.... so maybe not always true.


    @hull20004 Careful with the ranting, or you'll end up on Feedbackula.


    Red pandas make everything better.


    The thing with console is the convenience of it. PC's are just not simply plug and play. Yes, PC's are more powerful if you compared the best of the best, but not everyone has the top of the line, or even mid of the line PC's. PC building is cheaper than it use to be, but some people just don't want to deal with or have time to build one. On top of that, some people do not have the space or even want to make space for a PC, Laptops would be the alternative, but they too, suffer from not being able to really upgrade it, although you could do more than you could with a console.

    Consoles have their purpose, and I doubt it will die out, but rather merge into a proprietary PC (I know it is like that now, but I mean even more so than now), where you will get most of the basic functions of a PC, but has exclusive things about it to make it more appealing to all audiences, plus the gimmicks that only work for consoles (see Nintendo WII MS KInect PS Move)


    @dman123_1 What? How do you dare to be reasonable in a Feedbackula discussion? Shame on you!


    pc's are superior, simple, but you have to spend a fortune, better frame rates, but usually with minimal difference from the console versions. Spend 400 quid on a console and get a medium to high spec pc equivalent game or spend 1000 quid and run everything on ultra at 55 frames (at present), along with your os utilities.


    @itchyflop You make your money back with cheaper games >.>. Although pre-owned is a valid argument. that might be stopping with the PS4! I personally enjoy the build, but I''m an IT geek who does it for a living. The issue I have is that the console doesn't stay medium to high spec for very long and the Dev's are trying to go for graphical glory that is beyond the consoles capabilities.

    I love my high end PC but I must admit I do get the urge for couch gaming. I'm running a sandy i7 @4.8ghz and a GTX 670 at 1300mhz and it's really good stuff. But the best memories I had as a gamer were on the SNES and the N64. Perhaps I'm growing out of it.

    55frames? depends on the game and your monitors resolution and how much AA you enable. I don't think I have a game that sits at 55 frames. most are 100+.(except crysis 3 beta) 60fps is fine in my book, but I was astonished to see how fluid the jump to 120fps was with my friends monitor.

    My two cents would be that PC's are really worth the effort, but you have to really love games to invest the money. And as my love for the SNES and N64 proved to me, you can have more fun on a lesser system if the game is right.


    Some people are just trolls... Welcome to the internet. It's not that hard to understand. You can be passionate and immature at the same time, and I think that tends to be the case in which you speak of.


    Like most people I have a PC and console. Both do their thing well. I only game on the PC for Eve Online, and the Total War series. No console has anything even close to either game. But PC gaming has always been hit and miss- and the simplicity of slapping a disk into a machine meant just for it ultimately wins my trust. Simply- I've bought too many games for PC that won't work, or mess up something else up even if my machine is way over the requirements. With consoles, it's plug and play. If I were more of a computer guy, I might be able to eventually fix any issue with a PC game, but it's much easier to slap a disk in a dedicated console.

    For the vast majority of games the ease of consoles wins out for me. But consoles just have never had the horsepower to run true strategy games like Total War, true sims like combat flight sims, or be able to run the really deep games.

    PC's still also dominate the MMO market, which can't be understated. Social gaming is increasingly the trend and PC's have a jump on consoles for them.


    LOL @ "i have a ps3, xbox and an alienware...worth (insert ridiculous amount here) " when u insert a price range for a pc, ur obviously compensating for something your lacking of. saddest thing is, u had to pay someone else to build a half ass pc for you. doesnt mater when it was made, alienware is always overpriced.


    @scarred_fox I think typically people buy Alienware for the name more so than the product, especially after Dell bought them.


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    fucking console bitches


    With comments like these I'm surprised the concept of eugenics doesn't get more support.


    @Overlord93 most of these idiots dont know what that word means


    power tool VS power toy... hmm... what we really need?


    PC does get Gta 5 now...just go look on Amazon


    @Gonefishing95 keep dreaming i looked it up its not true they also had metro last light listed for wiiu and is metro coming to wiiu the answer is no


    @emptycow @Gonefishing95 When has a GTA not been released on the PC? It'll come eventually once Rockstar spend extra time un-optimising it and make it barely run. Just like they did with GTA IV that took 7 patches to make it just about playable.

    I love the games but rockstar no longer care about the PC market. I reckon we'll still see a PC poorly coded port eventually though.


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    wow gamespot just did a "lets read the comments of another video we posted and read them in funny voices. That will fill over 9 minutes and allow us to fill a gap on the website"...



    ohhh A NEW MENU

    ohhhhhhhhhhh A NEW CONTROLLER FUCK IT

    they are trying to sell us pice of crap toys THAT they call "NEXT GEN" just to gain money and fuck more bichtes well PC is made for RPG,STRATIGY,MMO's will consoles are made for FPS's,ADVENTURE,SPORTS,role playing, also stratigy games but WHAT EVER WE JUST HAVE TO BUY THEM AT LAST fuck you gaming industry FUCK YOU


    @Ghostleader12 cant wait for the last of us is that on pc? i also cant wait for gears of war 4 is that on pc? i cant wait for god of war,uncharted, kill zone 4 ,halo etc pc got nothing mind blowing .. crysis lol i wont even be buying that game crysis blows its just a weak boring halo ripoff


    @Ghostleader12 game consoles have this thing called standerds thats why all ps4 and xbox 720 games will run on a next gen engine frost bite 2 ,unreal 4 etc the pc has zero standerds thats why now after 8 years the pc now gets unreal engine 4 just as the new sony and microsoft systems are coming out your awesome pc has been running engine that were built for 8 year old consoles not your graphics card that was made this year or last year or the year before the new engines will be the standerd when sony and ms say so the pc is sony and microsofts bitch


    GET ALL OF THEM !!!!!! End of story.

    I have all of them, I only worry no time to play.


    @PCXboxSony I'll get the ones that has exclusives on it that I WANT TO PLAY if it doesn't have that then I wont get it


    I'm a PC gamer for the most part, if a game comes out on all platforms I only look for the better version (which is almost always PC) but I've enjoyed my ps3 for the exclusives. If a game play's better with a controller, I just plug in my ps3 controller to the PC and play that way, although I'd still prefer my mouse and keyboard over game pad any day... personal taste.

    I still have to argue that because of consoles many games have been adjusted to suite them better then the PC, its mostly for the worst and it makes games seem very dumbed down or lazy (Dragon Age: Origins to Dragon Age II, etc)... Just saiyan.


    @Zeketra and why are you saying this in a story about the ps4 no one care about your over rated pc dude go play your xbox 360 ports on your pc no one cares


    nice episode, first feedbackula episode i ever watched :) basically pc and consoles cant survive without each other, cause where is load of different people in a market which needs only consoles for gaming, or only pcs or both, for myself i prefer consoles more, why? cause i was tired from wasting money for upgrades for my pc every year if i wanted to play any new game on max or medium. well situation changed now, consoles live span increased and 99 percent of pc games became console ports, since introduction of intel i processors and gtx 400 series you no need upgrade your pc every year to play any console ports, but still i prefer consoles, i like to see differences between generations, how hardware is evolving every new generation and how developers pushing same hardware to limits improving console graphics every year :) and usually new consoles introducing future architectures or new memory types which only become available at pcs after few years :) i own ps1, n64, ps2, xbox, psp, xbox 360, ps3, 3ds and medium spec custom build pc (i5, gtx 660 ti, 8 gb ram) well what can i say pc will never give me so much joy as consoles :)


    I play both PC and PS3. Currently playing Path of Exile and Ni No Kuni. Cheers.


    @bakasora Same, loving both games. PoE is awesome, everyone that was disappointed with D3 should check it out.


    'Have more Toast'!!!

    Tht was F****n hilarious!! Iam a cynical person, but the level of cynicism shown by johnny is on a totally different level..hahaha..('Its over 9000!!!!')

    Hopefully this show will make people more balanced in their judgements/opinions.(one can always hope right???)


    Years ago was a avid Sony fanboy but in this gen most of my play time has been on my 360. I like the controller more,I like ther games,I like the cheevos,and most of my friends have the 360. I also have a PS3 but with this Gen ill be sticking with one console or the other. Most likely the next Xbox.I understand that PC's at this point have amazing graphics(look at BF3 for proof)but im happy with what consoles will bring to the table.


    I suddenly have a hankering for toast...