Falling in Love with Lara: Tomb Raider

Join Johnny one final time as he makes a last-ditch attempt to fall in love with Lara Croft. Will he? (Heck no)

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    "oh god its a plane full of..... quick time events!!!" hahaha lost my shit


    You guys are funny xp!!


    this show is much fun when there are two of you.


    listening to those guys is like watching a monty python skit, buy most def buying tomb raider.


    The new Tomb Raider was boring. As from seeing this video, reminded me of how boring it was. I got it on the PC, it looks amazing in detail once pushing everything to max, but other than that, it just handles badly. Combat is annoying with the other the shoulder cross hair, and quick time events are thrown a little randomly. I did die to a good amount of them because I was soo bored of watching cut scene after cut scene, that I wasn't really ready to mash buttons once they appeared on the screen.

    This game is a nice change to the old Tomb Raiders (keeping in mind, the last I played was Tomb Raider 3), but it wasn't for me.


    I have never played a previous Tomb Raider and I have never played any Uncharted games. I am the perfect target audience for this game! The only thing I really don't care for are the QTEs, which I consider to be gameplay thieves. But they are mostly in the early game and seem to get weeded out as the game progresses.

    For me TR is an great blend of platforming, stealth, combat, puzzle solving, exploring, discovery, all presented in a beautiful package with spot on controls and an excellent camera. I'm enjoying the heck out of this game!


    I was never a huge Tomb Raider fan but greatly enjoyed the latest game. Johnny comes across as someone unable to look at the new game with some degree of objectivity, basing his play through almost entirely on his experiences with past Tomb Raiders.

    I believe in credit were credits due and in my opinion the developers have successfully renovated the Tomb Raider series for the better. However Johnny is also entitled to his somewhat soured opinion.


    My three favorite comments and a short song from Johnny :P

    Johnny: 5 pounds says it's going down...(plane goes down)

    Johnny: Wow..Thor hates that fucking thing.

    Johnny: uh oh! It's a plane full of quick-time events!!

    (Sing along!) Johnny: Everybody's gone surfinnng...surfing from a plane! :D

    I couldn't stop re-watching that one scene from 09:19 to 09:47. It was so hilarious! Johnny, you are the most entertaining man in the world, maybe even better than Dos Equis himself I'd say :)


    I think Johnny does a lot of funny videos, but man, please play a console game on video as soon as possible, your "gamer rep" is on red numbers lol....and I thought my grandma couldn't play pc/console games well...


    Was that a woman's shirt?


    Just out of interest, does anyone know why he skipped Legend, Anniversary & Underworld?


    I just can say YOU ARE REALLY CRAZY !!!!!!?!


    lel @ console aiming.


    Johnny, I love ya but you're a tit.

    And by the way, that blue shirt doesn't work mate.

    How's that for feedback?


    but the game was pretty good! nice t-shirt by the way.


    No point in making a video like this


    @Reaverking agreed. not showing off the game at all just skipping through random moments that don't make sense together and make the game look like qte after qte or killing random animals


    @Reaverking creating the F***ing universe has no point... so whats your point mate?!!!


    I know all about this , I played this wonderful game ! hmm , LARA a Bad Ass ?


    What's next? Resident Evil 1-3? Max Payne 1&2? Half-Life 1&2? All of those have dated very poorly like the Tomb Raider series, when in their glory days they were outstanding games.


    @Ledah I think you're wrong. Max Payne 1-2 have aged well. There are no games liked those today. Graphic wise, yes, they look like sh.....


    @crix01 @Ledah Max Payne may be a good game but that doesn't mean its not dated. It certainly is compared to modern games.


    @crix01 @Ledah That's a good point - Max Payne is still fantastic. The first one is probably in my top ten games of all time.


    @Ledah What's next is Combo Breaker - a new show starting today. I like the idea of the first Resi games though, I'll see if there's anything I can do about it. Thanks for the suggestion!


    @SHEETBIKE Good idea with the early Resi games. If you've never played them before, or you're just as shit at them as you are at Tomb Raider, they should be entertaining shows ! (I mean that in the nicest possible way) Are there any other major franchises you've never played ???? Silent Hill, Hitman, Crash Bandicoot, Duke Nukem, Gran Turismo, FIFA, or any of the other major EA Sports games. I could list a ton more, but being a game journo, I'd imagine you've played most of them.


    Tomb Raider is the best game ive played this year so far. Dont play Crysis 3, its pretty but terrible terrible game.


    Firstly, I loved this game. It's one of the best action adventure games I have ever played. It's like Batman Arkham CIty + Uncharted + Farcry 3 all together on one disc. Yes, it is a bit more combat heavy than previous Tomb Raider's but the combat is so fun you won't mind! The only criticism I have is that the puzzles weren't hard enough but that could just be because I play a heap of puzzle games. This cynical video really doesn't do it justice.


    I'm surprised to see a lot of hate in the comments for this game. I'm one of them butthurt Core Design fanboys who hated Legend, Anniversary & Underworld, but even I think I got my moneys worth here. It's at least better than the other 3 garbage games I mentioned previously in the sense you can actually take multiple pathways, branch off & explore, and WHAT'S THAT.. actually climb walls that aren't part of the objective path? Well damn. Only thing I REALLY HATE about this game is the fact it's an alternate storyline. NO. FUCK YOU CRYSTAL DYNAMICS. In all seriousness, I'm not going to pretend the other Tomb Raiders didn't happen when they release a sequel for this game, anyone else with me on that?


    @DefinitivePlus Yeah definitely with you! I don't think they should have rebooted the entire franchise ... They could've still told an origin story within the same series timeline. But this game was AWSUM!


    That is the single most disturbing thumbnail since undesired mental images of toast.

    Hats off Jonneh


    The fact that this video does not include a large helping of Chivalry, goes to prove that Johnny found it almost bearable, but not in a "want to play" kinda way :-)

    I have this game - it's one of those games that you play through once, forget about for a few years and then maybe play through again. Deffo would not have paid full price for it though; £17 on Steam was all it was worth!

    Baron Van Jonnehstein, I salute you for making it through this series without pulling your beard out and sewing a huge beard-wool "F*ck You!* embellished quilt for the TR developers! Though... perhaps that can be a feature in the next series... Johnny on gaming, and sewing rude quilts... hmmmm


    God bless the man. He does make me laugh. I'd hate to mates with him though. Too damn cynical.

    I do agree about how he feels about the character, given you know what she'll turn into, but this is a reboot isn't it? Even if it isn't, that's how I see it, and so any subsequent games to come from this will hopefully have 'new' Lara.

    The QTEs and cut-scenes did feel very prominent in the beginning, but it felt like they were watered down as the game went on.

    Personally, I love this game.


    @PlatinumPaladin Yeah it is a reboot and it's been said this is "an origin series" So the new Lara is here to stay.


    Gotta agree with Johnny's points.

    Button-mashing, FPS COD style combat, hand-holding storyline, quirky controls.

    Another cash-cow for the corp's and another easy sell to the sheep that pay them.


    @Herbaceous Yes how dare those sheep buy games that they enjoy, wait wait...You didn't mean that?, I think I get it, they are not sheep because they spend money on something they like, they are sheep because they enjoy and have fun with games that you don't like. Now THAT makes sense.


    @EtchoManiac lol, please don't let me stop you from having a conversation with yourself.

    I stand by my initial response, even if you are having problems processing it....


    @EtchoManiac You fail to comprehend that there are a large number of Tomb Raider fans (myself included), that have been playing the series since its original conception. The first games were different and entertaining in a way that not many other games had tried. Exploring and puzzle solving being the primary focus - story/killing as a side-line.

    So with the reboot, it was promised that we would experience the story of how Lara "the Tomb Raider" was created by her early experiences. Which they have managed to do in this... But...

    In the process, they have taken an entertaining platform/puzzle game and bastardized it into yet another action third person shooter, with relatively limited player involvement and hordes of enemies to kill... Because that's what the gaming industry needs right? Another Shooter with quick-time event button mashing and hand-held adventure/storyline.

    But hey, I'm happy that you are so easy to please!

    Thx for the cookie...


    @Herbaceous So people with different opinions than you are sheep, and when I replied to you by countering all the possibilities, that I could think of, of why people are "sheep", you assumed I have problems processing information.
    Wow, what a very clever argument, you totally proved your point. I guess it was my mistake to argue with someone who thinks people with different preferences/opinions are sheep. You win, have a cookie!


    Well that's surely an unexpected turn. The last Tomb Raider is bad as well! Watching you guys was extremely irritating. I feel so butthurt now I think I'll just go and take some ass cream. Thank you for making this serie. I enjoyed every bit of it except parts with that random medieval game(so like half or 3/4 of some of the videos).


    lol, everyone's bitching down there because johnny doesn't like the game they do.

    awww how *tragic*.

    keep it up johnny, awesome job.

    which series is next? alone in the dark? silent hill?


    i like his stuff, especially Feedbackula and the previous tomb raider streams, but not this particular one. they sorta...didn't seem to "try" to like the game or play it even partially seriously.

    and ya the QTEs are super frequent, but the important part is that they're cinematic...you can make a more spectacular sequence with quicktime...

    anyway i thought it was a very good game! nothing close to bioshock, and not GOTY, but very good...


    Sometimesstupidityisa disease andsome ofus beingstupidmakesitworse...Jony...do somethinguseful...WTF crap it is? Do u watch this abomination?


    @andruxandd yes i watch this and i like this because the more stupid it is the funnier it became, do you even watch it from the first episode...?


    Johny if you play some game like the way you did to poor lara it could be entertaining


    Have to say, Johnny's hate for Lara was unfounded in this one. This game is definitely one of the best titles of this year, both narrative and game-play wise.


    @rajwraith He's Johnny. What taste do you expect from one dressing such a ridiculous t-shirt and having a similar haircut? He probably eats burned toasts as well and consider them the top of European cuisine!!

    In the naaavy!!! la-la-lalla-la IN THE NAAAVY!!!


    Here are two phrases you'll never hear anyone say. "I'm fed up with this orgasim" and "I loved that QTE".

    Why do developers insist on putting QTE's in games. Does anyone like them?


    @bonander Yes, i do, only when theyre done smartly and dont feel forced.


    @bonander The fanboys do. Look at some of the comments down here.


    This one wasn't as funny as the others, but I'll miss this video series.

    Would love to see his impressions on other series.


    I'm usually very critical of games that change too much, ESPECIALLY reboots. But this game really ticked all the boxes for me, even more than Uncharted usually does. I'm as 'oldskool' as Donkey Kong here, and usually get angry with contemporary gaming tropes, but I just don't see what is wrong with this game?

    I found Lara's at times unsteady movement to be believable, and while the dialogue was cheesy I thought the voice acting itself was high quality. Even Lara's sometimes not quite English accent didn't piss me off. I played all the old, annoying, clunky TRs, and this one was the first I've been interested to play since Legend came out and made them all too easy.

    Seriously, all the gripes I'm hearing make the people griping sound like a bunch of self obsessed hipsters who really need to beat themselves over the head and hope they wake up back in 1995. Gaming is growing, some games are going to be earth shattering masterpieces, and some are going to be popcorn fodder. I found this game to be somewhere between those two. I could consume a sequel or three happily, and there's nothing wrong with that so deal with it.


    @swinehouse Yo dude that what happens to game nowadays they become too easy, which make this episode not funnier than the older one


    @swinehouse The way I'm looking at it I paid about 60 bucks for 5 hours of cut-scenes,bad story, arcade platforming that even jumping from every point a to point b was predetermined, and spend more than half of the gameplay time mashing buttons. Yeah it was a bad game.


    @max-hit why you play if was only cut-scenes? why do notdeleted and spare us? if the game not complete your style that does meanit's abadgame


    @max-hit @andruxandd He's asking the same thing that I ask myself. Why someone that hates qte's and cutscenes play a game that is known for having qte's and cutscenes???.


    @max-hit It's very hard to take you seriously when you're LYING. Yes, there're lot of qte's but is impossible that they take you "more than half" of gameplay. If you don't like something and you want to share your perspective, the least you could do is tell the truth. Because otherwise you're gonna look like a douch. And usually when you're going somewhere and and you have to jump a gap to get there, you need a predetermined point B.


    @crix01 @max-hit And people rearly understand why QTEs are important in a narrative oriented game. For me all the QTE scenes were favourite scenes in the game. They provide immersion and narration withou sacrificing interaction and player input.


    @gtandiono @Jin_Hakazura @max-hit @swinehouse For sure, and i guess i can't blame people for hating games if they do. I just think generalizing an opinion is the problem for me. His post makes it sound like the game would be bad for anyone, not just himself. But i'm a nitpicker, sooooo ignore that i suppose


    reality is..


    finished this game in less than 2 days time, and left with no desire to replay it; it is equivalent to watching today's action movie, campy dialog, so-so voice acting, explosive action-packed scenes, a bit of intriguing plot development that peaks to a disappointing storyline and nevertheless, a predictable ending and also followed by a series of unchallenging boss fights

    and not to mention, the f*cking QTEs


    @gtandiono oh no, QTEs. Do you also not like Stallone movies? Cos both serve a purpose.


    @swinehouse @gtandiono au contraire, mon fraire, love the stallone movies; stallone movies cost me a movie ticket, a pop corn for me and a date, and spend a wonderful evening of stupendous violence and clever-esque one-liners, that is to be expected of a Stallone flick or the likes (and Rocky, WHOOT!)

    but when Lara Croft resurfaced, I, and a lot of people, expected more of her


    Man I also hate QTE's.


    Yes, this game is VERY disappointing to those of us who actually enjoyed the earlier titles. This one is basically 95% EVERY OTHER game that you can think of besides TR, and then the other 5% is a bit like the TR we've come to love, and really, what the whole game should've been like. Definitely a bad decision on the part of whoever got to decide, and hell, he even admitted it... right before he resigned.


    @1wikkid1 You'd better give up on gaming then cos there's only gonna be more of this and some of us want to enjoy it :)


    I must say, this is the first proper gameplay footage of the new TR I've seen...and it doesn't appeal to me at all. Glad I cancelled my pre-order at the last minute. Sneaking around in the dark shooting guys with a bow? Not really what I want from a TR game,


    @JangoF-76 But you realize that's just a part of the game don't you? I spent more time on the game exploring than shooting enemies and mashing buttons with qte's. Haters just tend to overreact. And people tend to forget that the entire island is a big archeological site. The game could have been better, more complex and harder, but it's not bad.


    @crix01 @JangoF-76 Yeah I wouldn't take this gameplay video as a representation of the whole game. They pretty much ignored all the puzzle solving elements in the whole sequence they played. EG when the "Secret Tomb" icon popped up they jumped off the cliff.


    The face looks like Francisco Randez A.K.A. Desmond Miles from AC,or is it really him?


    Is he Francisco Randez A.K.A. Desmond Miles? It gotta be him. Anyway,looks great, I still prefer fine single player games with great story and atmosphere rather than multiplayer shooting massacre. I have faith on SE.


    @HipHopBeats @mimsoo you couldn't be more wrong.


    Aw I was looking forward to seeing you play Legend, my favourite of the series. I don't get why you would struggle through the first 4 or 5 which have not aged well, and then skip the best one! Madness.


    I think is funny how Johnny mocks the story, the characters and the QTE's and then he goes to play a mindless game were all you do is run around waving your sword (Chivalry). Tell me Johnny what else you do in Chivalry besides mashing buttons like mad????


    Johnny wow, you suck :))


    Man, this guy's hateful comments about Tomb Raider should be shown on feedbackula!!! The host of that show would tear this guy a new one!...




    Game suggestion: Max Payne 3 (or any of them)


    always a good time with these guys!! : D


    Watched 3 minutes. I don't know what's more annoying, looking at Johnny or listening to him. lol I'm mostly joking. Mostly.

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