EA Sports Season Ticket - Official Trailer

EA Sports Season Ticket allows people to play Madden NFL, NHL, FIFA Soccer, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and NCAA Football titles before launch.



NHL 12 trailer was showing off new features. NHL 13 trailer is showing off... comments! lolPlus, most of the trailer's content could be done with NHL 12. Seriously... i don't want to spend 60 bucks and have the feeling of playing NHL 12 again. Plus, the lockout probability will not favor this game --> there won't be trades really that justify being up-to-date constantly. Trades are not worth 60 bucks. I think NHL 13 will be one of those year that not a lot of people will care about. "But what about the new skating system!!!" What new skating system? That trailer doesn't want to talk about it either, so why would I care??